Microsoft Money 98 Financial Suite Now Available; Offers First Complete, Integrated Personal Financial Software Product With Built-In Intelligence

REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 15, 1997 — Microsoft Corp. today announced Microsoft® Money 98 Financial Suite, the first personal finance system to integrate the full spectrum of today’s household’s financial activities into a convenient, intelligent software product.

Money 98 Financial Suite provides consumers with an unprecedented ability to accomplish a broad range of financial tasks – from day-to-day money management to long-term investment and financial planning.
“Microsoft is establishing new levels of integration in the personal finance software industry by delivering the range of features needed to manage consumer finances today,”
said Lewis Levin, vice president of the desktop finance division at Microsoft.
“This product seamlessly integrates the Internet’s vast resources throughout the product so that users benefit from the information while managing their finances.”

Rich Features Help Users Take Charge of Finances, Harness the Internet

Managing household finances has grown far more challenging as consumers struggle with the need to understand the future financial implications of a variety of life events – such as career changes, the purchase of a new home, paying college tuition or unexpected medical expenses – in addition to ensuring that they have adequate retirement resources. The complete feature set in Money 98 Financial Suite helps consumers achieve financial success in the face of these challenges and goals.

While Money 98 Financial Suite offers a broad range of features, it does not sacrifice ease of use through this expansion. The following product areas and features are tightly integrated to automatically share changes in users’ finances, allowing them to focus on required actions and important decisions.

Money 98 Financial Suite includes the following:

  • Money 98. Money 98 Financial Suite includes all of the functionality contained in the new Money 98 product, which also launches today. Money 98 continues the Money 97 legacy of helping users manage their fundamental financial tasks, such as paying bills, managing accounts, banking online, tracking expenses, creating a budget and more. Money 98 continues the Microsoft Money tradition of superior ease of use and efficiency as well as online banking leadership by offering the ability to download bank – and now brokerage – statements from over 100 financial institutions nationwide, more than any other personal finance management product currently available (see list that follows release).*

  • Goal Planner. The release of Money 98 Financial Suite marks the first time a personal finance management (PFM) product has offered integrated financial planning functionality. Users can quickly set up short- and long-term financial goals using 21 customizable wizards, refine their plan using helpful and easy-to-use budget and debt reduction features, and check their financial status using short-term and lifetime forecasts.

The Goal Planner automatically fills in account information from the user’s Money file and links the accounts, budget, debt reduction plan, investments, bills and forecasts to ensure that they automatically update to reflect a current and accurate view of the user’s finances.

  • Microsoft Investor. Money 98 Financial Suite’s extensive integration with the award-winning Microsoft Investor Web site provides users with access to state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge editorial content for tracking their portfolios, researching investment opportunities and staying on top of the market as well as access to online trading through leading financial institutions. The suite itself delivers numerous enhanced investment tracking and analysis features. Suite users also receive a six-month subscription to Investor’s new premium services (up to a $60 value).** Subscription features include Investment Finder, which allows users to search through over 8,000 stocks and mutual funds for investments that meet their criteria, and Research Central, which provides information and analysis from leading experts to help users choose their next investment.

  • Money Insider


    interactive financial guide.
    This new Microsoft Internet product helps make smart financial decisions easier by providing consumers with articles on fundamentals, information on the latest developments, and data and calculators from leading personal finance experts, journalists and other sources. The Money 98 Financial Suite CD-ROM contains more than 100 Money Insider articles covering the nine topic areas that most interest consumers. Each area is linked to available new Internet articles and financial rates each time the user goes online. When linked to the Money Insider Web site, users can sort current financial rates by geography and other criteria, explore the Answer Guide for answers to the most frequently asked personal finance questions, and browse current editorial features from personal finance experts.

Also integrated into the Money 98 Financial Suite are new and exclusive features:

  • Advisor FYI


    personalized financial guidance.
    Advisor FYI delivers personalized guidance throughout the product. For example, Advisor FYI might suggest that a user adjust two debt payments based on interest rates, or, by monitoring incoming Internet information, it might alert the user that mortgage rates have fallen and she or he should consider refinancing. Other Advisor FYI alerts will help users prioritize transactions, follow their budget, simplify complex decisions, avoid financial mistakes and recognize financial opportunities.

  • Monthly Report. Money 98 Financial Suite automatically scans users’ Money files each month to generate a report that provides a comprehensive overview of their finances, a summary of monthly transactions using the program, and a preview of the month ahead. The report includes updates on the past month’s spending and budget, net worth and debt reduction progress, investment performance, potential problems with accounts, and income tax and withholding estimates. Users are notified on the Financial Home Page when their new report is ready.

  • Financial Home Page. The new Financial Home Page provides users with an instant, personalized update on their finances and current financial information from the Internet. Each time users start Money, they will see a list of which bills are coming due, overdue or ready for electronic payment; the current balance for accounts they would like to monitor; personalized suggestions from Advisor FYI; and current financial information from Internet resources including Microsoft Investor and Money Insider, as well as non-Microsoft properties such as USA Today Online..

Beta users have responded well to Money 98 Financial Suite. According to Money 98 Financial Suite beta user Andy Edwards, an actor and LAN administrator,
“The new features in Money 98 Financial Suite are fantastic – I use it to manage all of my finances, and it’s helping me achieve my goal of going back to school. I particularly like Advisor FYI because it provides me with excellent guidance that pertains to me. Couple that with seamless integration with Money Insider and Investor, and it’s like getting financial professionals in a box.”

Free 90-Day Online Trial

Because Microsoft received such overwhelming response to Money 98 Financial Suite during beta testing, it is making a trial offer available so that all consumers can see how easily Money 98 Financial Suite can help them achieve their personal financial goals. Starting today, consumers can download a 90-day trial version or take a tour of the Money 98 Financial Suite product by visiting the Money Web site at . Consumers can also visit the new Microsoft Money Insider site at ( , and access the latest version of Microsoft Investor at ( .

While Money 98 Financial Suite is only available at retail, Microsoft has made Money 98 available to PC manufacturers so that consumers who have never used a personal finance product before can get started using one with their new PC purchase. The product has been widely embraced by leading PC manufacturers: Acer America Corp., Compaq Computer Corp., Dell Computer Corp., Gateway 2000 Inc., Packard Bell NEC, Sony Corp. and Toshiba America Information Systems have all elected to place Money 98 on their upcoming PCs.

“We are delighted to offer our customers the opportunity to use Microsoft Money 98 to manage their finances,”
said Mal Ransom, senior vice president, Packard Bell NEC.
“Including Money 98 on our Packard Bell and NEC Ready lines will allow our customers to realize that personal finance management products have come of age and that managing their finances on a PC has never been easier or smarter than with Money 98.”

Money 98 Financial Suite and Money 98 Pricing, Availability, Rebates and Offers

Money 98 Financial Suite and Money 98 are available today, everywhere Microsoft products are retailed, for estimated prices of approximately $54.95 and $29.95 respectively. A $15 rebate for Money 98 Financial Suite and a $10 rebate for Money 98 are available to current users of personal finance management software through Nov. 30, 1998 (valid in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia).

*Online banking and brokerage options vary by financial institution; some require Internet access while others offer direct dial-up. Users should contact their financial institution for program details. To use online bill payment, users need a checking account with any financial institution in the United States.

**The Money 98 Financial Suite includes a six-month subscription to Microsoft Investor premium features (up to a $60 value). This offer expires Dec. 31, 1998, and is valid in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia only. Note: Internet functionality requires an Internet service provider (ISP) and browser (a trial offer for MSN
™, The Microsoft Network – some restrictions apply – and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 is provided). Connect time charges may apply. All software required is included in Microsoft Money 98. Compatible with all Windows® operating system-compatible ISPs. Please see Addendum 1 for system requirements.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

Microsoft, Money Insider, Advisor FYI, MSN, Windows, Windows NT and ActiveMovie are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.

Other product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

The Microsoft Network is operated by Microsoft Corp. on behalf of Microsoft Network LLC.

Note to editors: If you are interested in viewing additional information on Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft Web page at on Microsoft’s corporate information pages.

Addendum 1

System Requirements

To use Microsoft Money 98 Financial Suite, users need the following components:

  • A personal computer with a 486/50 MHz or higher processor (Pentium 90 or higher recommended)

  • Windows 95 or the Windows NT® Workstation operating system version 4.0 or later

  • 12 MB of memory (RAM) on Windows 95, 16 MB RAM on Windows NT (16 MB on Windows 95 and 24 MB on Windows NT recommended)

  • 25-55 MB of available hard disk space (55 MB required if Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or higher and the ActiveMovie
    API are not already installed; both are required and included on the CD)

  • A CD-ROM drive

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 (included) or later (users can maintain other default browsers after installation; compatible with Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later)

  • A VGA or higher-resolution video adapter and a 256-color monitor

  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

  • A 9600bps or faster modem to use online features (28.8Kbps recommended)

  • A sound card and speakers or headphones for audio

Details of Canadian Version

Localized versions of both Money 98 products are scheduled to be available in late November in Canada. Customized Canadian features currently include these:

  • Canadian mortgage and loan worksheets and wizards

  • Canadian investment calculations and portfolio transactions

  • Support for U.S. and Canadian stock quotes from all major North American exchanges

  • Extensive personal finance content: more than 170 personal finance articles from a wide range of recognized Canadian authors. Topic areas covered include financial planning, investments, credit, college, car ownership, home ownership, taxes and estate planning.

  • A built-in Canadian tax estimator

  • Canadian small-business invoicing module

  • Canadian accounts, categories, payee aliases, dialog boxes, terminology, etc.

  • Links to Canadian personal finance sites, including MSN Canada’s Financial Centre

  • Online banking connectivity with major Canadian financial institutions

To use Microsoft Money 98, users need the following:

  • A personal computer with a 486/50 MHz or higher processor (Pentium 90 or higher recommended)

  • Windows 95 or Windows NT Workstation version 4.0 or later

  • 12 MB of RAM for Windows 95 (16 MB recommended), 16 MB of memory for Windows NT Workstation (24 MB recommended)

  • 20-55 MB of available hard disk space (55 MB required if Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or higher and the ActiveMovie API are not already installed; both are required and contained on the CD)

  • A CD-ROM drive (the Money 98 retail package includes a coupon for 3.5-inch high-density disks; 3.5-inch disks will not include the multimedia tour nor MSN offer)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 (included) or later (users can maintain other default browsers after installation; Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 is compatible with Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later)

  • A VGA or higher-resolution video adapter and a 256-color monitor

  • A Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

  • A 9600bps or faster modem to use online features (28.8Kbps recommended)

  • A sound card and speakers or headphones for audio

Addendum 2

Financial Institutions That Connect to Money 98

American Express Co.

American National Bank and
Trust Company of Chicago

APL Federal Credit Union



Bank of Hawaii

Bank of Stockton

Barnett Banks Inc.

Beaumont Area Educators Federal Credit Union

Canada Trust

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce


Capital Area School Employees Credit


Centura Banks Inc.

The Chase Manhattan Bank

City Employees Credit Union

Cleveland Bank & Trust Co.

Colonial Bank

Commerce Bank

Commercial Federal Bank

Commercial National Bank

CommonWealth Central Credit Union

Community Credit Union

Compass Bank

Constellation Federal Credit Union

CoreStates Bank N.A.

Corning Federal Credit Union

Crestar Bank

Deposit Guaranty National Bank

Discover Card

Eastman Credit Union

Empire Federal Credit Union

FDIC Employees Federal Credit Union

First Chicago NBD Corp.

First Community Credit Union

First Financial Federal Credit Union

First Hawaiian Bank

FMB – First Michigan Bank

First National Bank of Kansas

First National Bank of Springdale

First of America Bank Corp.

First Technology Credit Union (FTCU)

First Tennessee Bank

First Union National Bank of North Carolina

1st United Services Credit Union

Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union

Fort Sill Federal Credit Union

Fort Worth Federal Credit Union

Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union

HAR-CO Federal Credit Union

Heartland Credit Union

Hiway Federal Credit Union

Home Savings of America

IBM Rocky Mountain Employees Federal

Credit Union

Jet Credit Union

John Deere Community Credit Union


L & N Federal Credit Union

The Laredo National Bank

Manufacturers & Traders Trust Co.

Marquette Banks/E-Direct

Mellon Bank Corp.

Michigan National Bank

Mid-Atlantic Federal Credit Union

Mountain America Credit Union

Mutual Credit Union

National Semiconductors Federal Credit



New Mexico Educators Federal Credit


Northern Massachusetts Telephone Workers’ Credit Union

Norwest Corp.

Notre Dame Federal Credit Union

Orange County Federal Credit Union

PACE Credit Union (Portland, Ore.)

Pacific NW Federal Credit Union

People’s Alliance Federal Credit Union

Private Issue Card

PT & T Federal Credit Union

Quincy Municipal Credit Union

Regions Bank

Republic National Bank of New York

Reynolds Carolina Federal Credit Union

Riverside Campus Federal Credit Union

RTP Federal Credit Union

Sandy Spring National Bank of Maryland

Sanwa Bank California

Shell Employees Federal Credit Union

Signet Bank Corp.

Smith Barney Inc.

SouthTrust Bank

St. Helens Community Federal Credit Union

Star One Federal Credit Union

Suffolk Federal Credit Union

SunTrust Banks Inc.

Telco Community Credit Union

Texas Bay Area Credit Union

Texas Commerce Bank

Triangle Credit Union

U.S. Bank

UMB Bank

Union Bank of California

United Nations Federal Credit Union

University & State Employees Credit Union

US Federal Credit Union

Wells Fargo Bank N.A.

Western Federal Credit Union

Wilber National Bank

Woodforest Bank

Zions Bank

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