Microsoft Press Publishes Comprehensive Line of End-User, Training And Developer Resources for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0

REDMOND, Wash., Oct. 29, 1997 — Microsoft Press today announced publication of a comprehensive line of end-user, training and developer resources about Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0, designed to provide all levels of users and developers with the specific information they need to take full advantage of the Internet Explorer experience.

“The Official Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 Book”
by Bryan Pfaffenberger is a complete look at Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and the Internet for new users and upgrading customers. The book takes readers inside Internet Explorer 4.0 so they can best use the features and take advantage of what the Internet has to offer. Topics include Outlook
Express for e-mail and newsgroups, NetMeeting
conferencing software for video- and dataconferencing, NetShow
™streaming media server, FrontPage® Express for creating and editing HTML documents, and Microsoft Chat for real-time conversations. The accompanying CD-ROM contains Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, the current version of Microsoft Internet Explorer for the Macintosh, and lots of helpful software add-ons such as the Microsoft ActiveX
Control Pad (ISBN 1-57231-576-8, $24.99 [$34.99 in Canada]; available now).

“The Official Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 Site Builder Toolkit” by Internet development expert Alan Simpson is designed to be an essential reference to the advanced features found in Internet Explorer 4.0. Using this book, webmasters and developers will be able to add rich, interactive content to their Web page designs. The author shows by example how to use Cascading Style Sheets, scripting with the Visual Basic® development system Scripting Edition, the Dynamic HTML object model, ActiveX Controls and other tools to manipulate objects in Web pages. The companion CD-ROM contains Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, the complete Microsoft Internet Client Software Development Kit (SDK), and numerous code samples (ISBN 1-57231-572-5, $39.99 [$53.99 in Canada]; scheduled to be available Nov. 19, 1997).

Additional Resources From Microsoft Press for End Users and Developers

  • “Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 at a Glance.” A highly visual reference packed with screen illustrations so users can find answers fast (ISBN 1-57231-740-X, $16.99 [$23.99 in Canada]; available now).

  • “Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 Step by Step.” A personal training system developed by professional trainers to help new users learn about Internet Explorer 4.0 and the Web. Lesson practice files on CD allow users to track their progress (ISBN 1-57231-514-8, $24.99 [$34.99 in Canada]; available now).

  • “Inside Dynamic HTML.” The technical bible on this important new Internet Explorer 4.0 innovation (ISBN 1-57231-686-1, $39.99 [$55.99 in Canada]; available now).

  • “Programming Active Server Pages.”
    Shows developers how to make the most of Dynamic HTML by combining traditional HTML code, scripts and ActiveX server components to create powerful Web-based business solutions (ISBN 1-57231-700-0, $49.99 [$69.99 in Canada]; scheduled to be available Nov. 5, 1997).

  • “Quick Course® in Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.” This low-cost training solution provides streamlined instruction along with quick tutorials and learning exercises for new users (ISBN 1-57231-804-X, $14.99 [$21.99 in Canada]; scheduled to be available Nov. 12, 1997).

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