CableData Integrates Microsoft Technologies In Extensible, Flexible Solutions for the Telecommunications Industry

REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 10, 1997 — CableData Inc., a USCS International company (NASDAQ “USCS”) and a leading supplier of customer care and billing software to the global telecommunications industry, has made a strategic decision to incorporate Microsoft® technology into its product line.

CableData is integrating products such as the Microsoft Windows NT® Server operating system version 4.0, Microsoft Internet Information Server and Microsoft Internet Explorer to offer its customers greater extensibility, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. In addition, the company is now developing programmatic interfaces to its products using COM.

“CableData has always built its solutions on the most powerful and useful emerging mainstream technology,” said Lanse Leach, chief technology officer and vice president of research and development at CableData. “The intranet architecture using Microsoft products gives our customers the most reliable way to run their mission-critical functions while also giving them extensibility and flexibility never before possible. The openness of our intranet-based strategy also means we can keep pace with the business needs of our customers and their short time-to-market requirements.”

CableData is using Microsoft intranet technologies not just to build a Web-based front end, but to build sophisticated applications for front-line customer service representatives. The Microsoft tools and technologies enable CableData to rapidly build and deploy high-quality applications with careful attention to user interface. The new technologies, such as ActiveX
and COM, allow CableData to enhance its products with new technology while preserving customers’ existing investments in their systems.

For example, the Microsoft Internet Explorer-based front end, CableData’s Compass, is key to providing CableData customers with enterprisewide access using a common interface to CableData’s Intelecable and DDP/SQL products. CableData’s programmatic interfaces using COM allow customers to use the interface by itself or integrated into business solutions developed in-house or by third parties.

The cost-effectiveness, extensibility and scalability of CableData’s architecture make it a great choice for companies of all sizes choosing customer care and billing systems.

“We’re delighted that the cable industry’s leading supplier of customer systems has made the strategic decision to use Windows NT Server 4.0 and other Microsoft technologies,” said John Canning, cable industry marketing manager at Microsoft Corp. “It’s tremendous validation of our efforts to work with industry leaders and provide them with the tools and technologies they need to build business solutions that serve their telecommunications industry customers.”

In addition to providing products and technologies, Microsoft is committed to supporting CableData’s future development efforts.

Customers interested in more information on Microsoft products and technologies for the cable industry should visit the Microsoft Web site at . More

information on CableData’s products and services can be found at ( and ( .

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