Microsoft Gives Java Developers a Jump-Start On Win32 Development

NEW YORK, Dec. 10, 1997 — Today at Fall Internet World ’97, Microsoft Corp. announced the availability of J/Direct
™Jumpstart, a set of code samples designed to provide simplified development of Windows® operating system-compatible applications in Java. These samples demonstrate how to harness the power of the J/Direct API to build feature-rich Java applications that take full advantage of the Windows platform. J/Direct Jumpstart includes complete source code, tutorials and examples, helping developers more quickly benefit from J/Direct. J/Direct Jumpstart is available to developers at no cost via download from the Microsoft Web site at (connect-time charges may apply).

Unlocking Windows Performance and Functionality

J/Direct Jumpstart is built on Microsoft® J/Direct technology, which allows developers to benefit from the productivity features of the Java language and gain easy access to the full power of the Windows operating system. With J/Direct, developers can provide users with functionality not previously possible in Java applications, such as support for multiple documents (MDI), access to peripheral devices (including printers, fax machines, CD-ROM drives, DVD drives and other business devices), integration with desktop applications, full internationalization support, enhanced graphics and multimedia capabilities, and much more. By using J/Direct Jumpstart with the Visual J++
development system version 1.1, developers can build and debug Windows-compatible applications from within the proven Developer Studio environment.

J/Direct and J/Direct Jumpstart provide many other significant benefits to developers, including the ability to do the following:

  • Build high-performance, full-featured applications for Windows. J/Direct offers direct access to the Windows API, enabling developers to build applications with significantly enhanced performance and functionality.

  • Visually design user interfaces for Windows. Simplify development by visually designing user interfaces with any Windows resource editor, such as that included in Visual J++. Reuse existing resource files created with other Windows-compatible programming tools.

  • Generate code more quickly. J/Direct Jumpstart shows developers how to easily write applications that take advantage of J/Direct, enabling them to more quickly reap the benefits of Win32® -based development from the Java programming language.

  • Write code that is more readable, modular and reusable. J/Direct Jumpstart helps developers make J/Direct code more readable, modular and reusable by demonstrating how to build J/Direct-based applications that take advantage of the Win32 API.

“As part of Microsoft’s continued commitment to providing the best tools and technologies for the Java language, we are very excited to deliver J/Direct Jumpstart to developers,” said Paul Gross, vice president of developer tools at Microsoft. “J/Direct Jumpstart helps developers better understand J/Direct technology, allowing them to more rapidly build powerful Java applications that take advantage of the richness, functionality and system services that the Win32 API set provides.”

“J/Direct Jumpstart truly gives developers a jump-start to success in using the Java language and J/Direct technology to embrace the Win32 API,” said Jayme Edwards, applications engineer and Internet content developer for Rockwell Software Inc., the world leader in development and support of software for the automation marketplace. “Demonstrating the use of common Win32 programming elements such as single and MDI-style application windows, menus, images, common dialog boxes, and common controls for Windows is a great start for familiarizing developers of varying experience in Java and C++ with J/Direct. For developers who need the performance and user base of the Windows platform and the simplicity and efficiency of Java language syntax, J/Direct is the only solution, and the new J/Direct Jumpstart should be your first step.”

Visual J++ – The No.1 Choice of Java Developers

Used by more than 50 percent of all Java developers, Microsoft Visual J++ Professional Edition is the Java environment of choice for serious developers. Visual J++ provides all the tools and information to quickly build powerful Java applications, including support for Microsoft ActiveX
technology, allowing developers to easily integrate Java with existing business systems. With the fastest Java compiler, unmatched graphical debugger, comprehensive documentation, coding wizards and numerous samples, Visual J++ is the complete solution for power Java programming. For more information about Visual J++, please visit .

About J/Direct

J/Direct lets developers call the entire Win32 API or any dynamic-link library (DLL) directly, rather than being limited to a Java middleware API. This dramatically expands the breadth and functionality of applications that can be built with Java and allows Java developers to build applications not possible or practical before, including software integrated with existing applications and system services, multimedia applications and scalable industrial-strength applications.

J/Direct currently ships as part of the award-winning Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, which was downloaded by a record 2 million users in the first week it was available and is used by approximately 40 percent of people who access the Internet, according to a recent report by Dataquest. J/Direct will also be included in future versions of Windows 95, the Windows NT® operating system and Internet Information Server. J/Direct is available to developers at no cost via the Microsoft Software Development Kit (SDK) for Java 2.01, downloadable from . For more information on J/Direct, please visit .

J/Direct Jumpstart and J/Direct add to the comprehensive, end-to-end solutions that Microsoft is delivering to help make corporate and commercial Java developers successful. By offering world-class technologies and developer support programs, including the fastest, most functional virtual machine, platform-neutral Application Foundation Classes (AFC), superior component support, including seamless integration of ActiveX and JavaBeans components, and Visual J++, the industry’s most popular Java development tool, Microsoft provides developers with the best support for the Java programming language – for the development of basic Java applications, as well as applications that take advantage of the power of Windows.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

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