Developers Show Broad Support For New PC Companion Devices Powered by Windows CE 2.0

Developers Show Broad Support For New PC Companion Devices Powered by Windows CE 2.0

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 1998 — Over 55 leading independent software vendors (ISVs) have announced plans to develop more than 260 new applications for the PC Companion line of products (the Handheld PC, Palm PC and Auto PC) powered by the Windows® CE operating system version 2.0, Microsoft Corp. said today at the Consumer Electronics Show. Microsoft also announced it plans to hold its next Windows CE Developers Conference April 6-8, 1998, in San Jose, Calif.

“Windows CE provides an excellent opportunity for our ISV customers to leverage their development skills with Windows and the broad range of tools available to take advantage of the business opportunity offered by this growing platform of PC Companion devices,” said Tod Nielsen, general manager of the developer relations group at Microsoft. “We are pleased that so many ISVs have made a commitment to shipping applications, demonstrating strong support for these new platforms.”

Auto PC Creates New Opportunities for Developers

Developers interested in reaching the automotive market are creating applications for the Auto PC. The Auto PC allows drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road by using Microsoft interactive speech technology to access and control applications. The Auto PC platform is designed to be upgradable and expandable, providing opportunities for ISVs to innovate. Software vendors such as InfoGation Corp., Etak Inc. and GoldMine Software Corp. are now creating applications that support the Auto PC.

“History has proved without a doubt that open systems and standards are absolutely necessary to have a thriving technology-based industry,” said Dr. Kent Pu, founder and president of InfoGation. “This is especially true when a new industry is emerging, such as intelligent
in-vehicle systems. With its Auto PC platform powered by the Windows CE operating system, Microsoft is supplying the critical interoperability glue that enables everything to fit together.”

“Etak, in cooperation with Cue Network Corp. and Metro Networks Inc., is pleased to announce support for Microsoft’s latest Windows CE-based Auto PC and Palm PC platforms,” said Craig Lynar, vice president of sales and marketing, consumer products for Etak. “Etak’s new line of personal navigation products and services provide real-time traffic and traveler information on hand-held and in-vehicle systems. We are well along in the development of these products and services and expect to announce availability coinciding with Auto PC and Palm PC device ship dates.”

“The Windows CE 2.0 line of products provides GoldMine users the unique convenience of synchronizing appointments and contact information any time, anywhere,” said Jon V. Ferrara, executive vice president of GoldMine. “The new Auto PC and Palm PC platforms extend the GoldMine desktop, allowing untethered bidirectional access to critical contact data.”

Developers Build Applications for Palm PC

The Palm PC is another new category open to developers. The Palm PC platform is also designed to be upgradable and expandable. The Palm PC allows application developers to include voice and ink in their applications via the voice and rich ink controls. Applications for the Palm PC are being created by software vendors including Network Associates Inc. (formerly McAfee Associates) and Metrowerks Inc.

“McAfee is pleased to announce support for the Microsoft Windows CE platform,” said Peter Watkins, general manager of anti-virus and security business unit, Network Associates (formerly McAfee Associates). “We think the Handheld PC industry is going to grow significantly and will present a tremendous opportunity to us, and we plan to bring our products to the Windows CE platform, especially the Palm PC, in 1998.”

“Metrowerks is absolutely committed to providing state-of-the art development tools for Windows CE 2.0-based deployment on a wide range of targets, including the Palm PC,” said Greg Galanos, president and chief technology officer of Metrowerks. “Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Windows CE will include support in various development tools packages for MIPS, PowerPC, x86, ARM and SH, thus spanning the wide variety of processors on which
Windows CE is currently being supported. Combining Windows CE with CodeWarrior tools for the embedded market at desktop prices is a powerful solution for systems design and deployment.”

Windows CE Developers Conference

In response to increasing numbers of requests from developers for information about writing software for devices powered by Windows CE, Microsoft plans to hold its next
Windows CE Developers Conference April 6-8, 1998, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, Calif. Paul Maritz, group vice president, will be keynote speaker, and special sessions will be held on developing applications for the Handheld PC, Palm PC and Auto PC. Visit the Windows CE Developer Web page at to register for this conference.

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