Slate Magazine Signs Distribution Agreement With New York Times Syndicate

Slate Magazine Signs Distribution Agreement With New York Times Syndicate

REDMOND, Wash., April 28, 1998 — Microsoft® Slate® online magazine ( ), Microsoft Corp.’s interactive magazine of news, politics and culture, edited by Michael Kinsley, has signed a distribution agreement with the New York Times Syndicate, making Slate content available to more than 2,000 news organizations worldwide.

Effective May 1, 1998, Slate becomes the first Internet-based magazine to join the New York Times global news distribution service, which includes content from The Economist and
Le Monde.

“Our new relationship with the Times Syndicate is an affirmation of top-quality journalism,”
said Michael Kinsley, editor in chief of Slate.
“It’s a tremendous honor to be affiliated with this precedent-setting news organization, and I’m thrilled that Slate will now reach a broader base of people looking for smart commentary on the week’s news, politics and culture.”

“We are very excited to add the unique perspectives in Slate to our must-read content roster,”
said Gloria Brown Anderson, president and editor in chief of the New York Times Syndicate.
“The quality journalism of Slate fits with our mission to provide smart news and analysis to the world’s media outlets.”

The agreement coincides with Slate reaching an initial milestone of 20,000 paid subscriptions within six weeks.

“We are very pleased with these initial numbers and appreciate the reader support that they represent,”
said Rogers Weed, publisher of Slate.
“We are well on the way to proving that reliably high-quality journalism can be self-sustaining on the Web.”

The New York Times Syndicate currently distributes more than 80 columns, special features and news services to more than 2,000 news organizations around the world. Among the syndicate’s current columnists are Mikhail Gorbachev, Bill Gates and Martha Stewart.

Slate is available on the Internet at where readers can access full content for $19.95 a year. A sample of content in Slate, including
“Today’s Papers”
(a short daily summary of five national newspapers), is offered free on the magazine’s Web site (connect-time charges may apply).

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