Major Customers Applaud Ease of Easy Deployment, Macintosh Design and Cross-Platform Integration

Major Customers Applaud Ease of Easy Deployment, Macintosh Design and Cross-Platform Integration

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

“New installation and enhanced maintenance features in Office 98 have contributed greatly in helping NASA Ames upgrade more than 500 Power Macintosh computers so far,” said George M. Alger, deputy chief for IT services at NASA Ames Research Center. “As a result, we’ve witnessed a tremendous time savings to install and maintain the new suite.”

“Installing Office 98 is a snap with the drag-and-drop install,” said Bill Brawley, computing services group at Dartmouth College. “Our computer store has sold more than 2,000 licenses of Office 98 since the debut several weeks ago. That blew away our optimistic projections, and we expect Office 98 license sales to continue at a steady pace.”

Customers are able to deploy Office 98 quickly and easily with the aid of drag-and-drop installation, making it simple for individual users and large organizations. Office 98 also introduces a revolutionary new approach to software maintenance – applications that repair themselves, replacing missing or corrupt files without user intervention.

Designed Just for the Macintosh

“Apple employees are deploying Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition throughout the organization,” said Mitch Mandich, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Apple Computer. “Office 98 was built from the ground up to meet the needs of Macintosh customers, and this outstanding product is a direct result of the newly invigorated relationship between Apple and Microsoft.”

A key goal in the development of Office 98 Macintosh Edition was to make sure it excelled as a true Macintosh application. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and the Macintosh community appreciates the attention to detail in Office 98.

True Cross-Platform Integration

Part of being a great Macintosh application is the ability to work with those on the Windows platform. With the release of Office 98, customers now have a cross-platform solution, allowing users of Macintosh and the Microsoft Windows operating system to seamlessly share files.

“Deploying Office 98 has provided total compatibility and integration in all the divisions of Turner Broadcasting Sales,” said Andrew B. Drooker, director of technology and infrastructure at Turner Broadcasting Sales. “We won’t have to worry about compatibility between platforms of Office applications, which is where 80 percent of our work is done.”

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