Microsoft’s Streaming Multimedia Technologies Capitalize on Increased Bandwidth and Processing Power

Customers clearly want audio and video as an integral part of their computing experience, just as it is a part of their everyday lives. Rapid increases in bandwidth and processing power for personal computers have opened the door for the next generation of rich business and entertainment applications that can leverage these advances. Intranet and Internet web developers can now treat audio and video just like any other data, providing a much richer and more effective communication medium for end-users. Microsoft enhanced NetShow will:

  • Deliver the highest quality end-user experience at the greatest range of bandwidths.

  • Provide integration with Windows NT Server, Office, BackOffice and Site Server.

  • Provide a comprehensive set of tools and APIs to make authoring audio and video content and building value-added applications simple. Now customers can benefit from the delivery of rich content to sell goods and services, provide news and entertainment, conduct training, and deliver corporate communications. As more multimedia content is created and delivered over corporate intranets and the Internet, content providers need services to simplify the end-user experience of accessing and playing multimedia content.

    • The ability to play back most local and streamed multimedia file types, saving users from the need to download and configure multiple players in order to access different file types.

    • The codec auto-download feature of the Media Player. This allows users to easily leverage improvements in Microsoft and third-party compression technology by automatically downloading new codecs from Microsoft’s codec repository on the Microsoft web site, a central location for developers to publicly post new codecs and incremental codec upgrades.

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