Softimage Releases SOFTIMAGE-GDK for SOFTIMAGE|3D v3.7SP1

Softimage Releases SOFTIMAGE|GDK for SOFTIMAGE|3D v3.7SP1

LONG BEACH, Calif., May 5, 1998 — At the Computer Game Developers Conference (CGDC) today, Softimage Inc. announced the release of the SOFTIMAGE® |GDK (Game Development Kit), an advanced, cross-platform, C++ developer kit that makes it simple to customize the import/export animation dataflow for SOFTIMAGE|3D. An extension to the existing SOFTIMAGE|SDK (Software Development Kit), the SOFTIMAGE|GDK is a high-level C++ API that automatically handles all the details of accessing and modifying SOFTIMAGE|3D data.

With the SOFTIMAGE|GDK, in-house games developers can quickly and easily create plug-ins to transfer data in and out of SOFTIMAGE|3D. By automatically handling all the low-level details of accessing and modifying SOFTIMAGE|3D plug-in data, the SOFTIMAGE|GDK eliminates the need for developers to learn a low-level API and frees them to focus on game content and optimization.

The SOFTIMAGE|GDK adds a powerful fourth element to the existing SOFTIMAGE|SDK, which already comprises robust tools including SAAPHIRE (Softimage Advanced API for Relations and Elements), the mental ray® Developer’s Kit and the Channels Developer’s Kit. The SOFTIMAGE|GDK, combined with the existing games-specific functionality found in SOFTIMAGE|3D, delivers the most complete and compelling solution specifically designed for games development.

“We’re dedicated to the needs of game developers, and we’ve designed the SOFTIMAGE|GDK to help accelerate development cycles,”
said Dan Kraus, SOFTIMAGE|3D technical product manager at Softimage.
“The SOFTIMAGE|GDK will make it far easier for interactive games developers to get data into and out of SOFTIMAGE|3D.”

“We have found that SOFTIMAGE|GDK lessens development time significantly,”
said Jeff Lander, co-founder of Redondo Beach, Calif.-based Darwin 3D.
“The GDK allows our programmers to extract information exactly as intended by our artists, reducing production pathway headaches. Where labor-intensive development tools were once needed, now a simple plug-in that can be easily created in a few hours usually does the trick.”

The SOFTIMAGE|GDK includes powerful automatic filtering features such as Smart Animation Compression and Key-Frame Filtering, which are crucial in preparing complex animations for download to target platforms. In addition, the SOFTIMAGE|GDK features a wealth of sample source code designed to be customized, allowing developers to take advantage of advanced features without requiring full knowledge of the API. Sample code includes the following:

  • ASCII Import/Export/Viewer – a viewer that converts a SOFTIMAGE|3D scene to an easily readable and parsable file format based on the Microsoft® DirectX®
    .X file format

  • GC_Merge – a tool that merges multiple mesh models into a single mesh while preserving mesh surface attributes

  • GC_Plugin – a generic template plug-in that can be used as a starting point for new plug-ins

SOFTIMAGE|GDK plug-ins can run seamlessly in the SOFTIMAGE|3D user interface or as standalone applications. In addition, all plug-ins developed with the SOFTIMAGE|GDK will be forward-compatible with future versions of both SOFTIMAGE|3D and
the code name for Softimage’s next-generation 3-D animation system.

Price and Availability

SOFTIMAGE|GDK for SOFTIMAGE|3D version 3.7SP1 is compatible with the current shipping version of SOFTIMAGE|3D and requires that the current version of the SOFTIMAGE|SDK be installed before use. The SOFTIMAGE|GDK will be available to all developers free of charge during CGDC at Softimage’s 3D Suite, Technical Seminar and Sales Seminars. After the show, all registered SOFTIMAGE|SDK developers under maintenance but not attending CGDC will be shipped the SOFTIMAGE|GDK automatically. Future releases of the SOFTIMAGE|GDK will be incorporated in the SOFTIMAGE|SDK.

About Softimage

Founded in 1986, Softimage develops software for media-rich applications including video, film, interactive games and CD-ROM applications. Products include SOFTIMAGE|DS (video production), SOFTIMAGE|3D (high-end animation), SOFTIMAGE|EDDIE (compositing) and Toonz (2-D cel animation). The company was acquired in 1994 by Microsoft. Additional information about Softimage and Microsoft can be found via the Internet at ( and , respectively.

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