Broadest Database Beta Program in History Ensures Reliability of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

Broadest Database Beta Program in History Ensures Reliability of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0

Redmond, Wash., June 29, 1998 — Microsoft today ushered in the largest-ever beta test of database software, as more than 50,000 sites received Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 beta 3 for testing. The unprecedented size of the SQL Server beta reflects Microsoft’s commitment to ensure the software’s full, industrial-strength reliability.

“We’re very pleased to mark this major milestone with the release of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, beta 3,” said Jim Ewel, SQL group product manager at Microsoft. “When SQL 7 ships, customers will have the assurance that it has been put through more paces by more testers than any database product in history.”

The next-generation database is being distributed to subscribers of MSDN Universal subscription services and Microsoft’s Beta Evaluation program. Customers also will be able to test the beta after registering via Microsoft’s web site at, which is scheduled to go live on July 2.

Microsoft’s SQL Server 7.0 beta 3 set new performance and price/performance records in recent ISV and TPC-C benchmarks. SQL Server 7.0 processed an incredible 41,328 checks per hour on PeopleSoft’s Payroll version 7.0 and set a new record for the highest performance on Windows NT Server. Other benchmark highlights included:

  • 2,288 SD users (Sales and Distribution Users) for SAP R/3 system. This was a 126 percent improvement over the SQL Server 6.5 results in fall 1997.

  • 3,232 BRUs (BAAN Reference Users) on BAAN IV. In its first performance test with the BAAN IV, SQL Server 7.0 again delivered the highest performance achieved on the Windows NT Server.

  • On the industry-standard TPC-C benchmark SQL Server 7.0, Enterprise Edition set another performance record. The new single-node performance record at 18,127 tpmC on Windows NT Server 4.0, Enterprise Edition is 50 percent higher than the previous four-processor Windows NT Server record held by SQL Server 6.5, Enterprise Edition (12,105 tpmC @ $32.76/tpmC on NEC Express 5800 Server). Along with 18,127 tpmC performance, SQL Server 7.0, Enterprise Edition also set a new price/performance record of $26.10/tpmC. All of these new performance results were achieved with a Compaq ProLiant 7000 6/400-1M server with four Pentium II Xeon processors.

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