Microsoft and Apple Announcements at MacWorld Expo Further the Companies’ Landmark Product and Technology Alliance

, July 8, 1998 — Over the past year, Microsoft has played a key role in Apple’s renewed success by developing great products for the Macintosh, such as Mac Office98 and Internet Explorer 4.01. By working closely with Apple, Microsoft has helped ensure that Office 98 and Internet Explorer set a new standard for Macintosh applications by providing deep integration with the operating system and support for key Apple technologies. Both products incorporate Mac OS 8.1 visuals and Macintosh drag-and-drop functionality, allowing customers to work in a familiar environment. In addition, Office98 Macintosh Edition supports QuickTime VR and font menu previews, while Internet Explorer 4.01 for Macintosh supports Apple ColorSync.

Announcements by the two companies at the MacWorld Expo this week make it clear that this successful partnership is continuing with Microsoft’s support of Apple’s new iMac systems. Microsoft believes the Macintosh is a great platform for applications and leading-edge Internet technologies. The company is especially excited about Apple’s new iMac, which complements Microsoft’s efforts to make its products easier for consumers to use.

As part of Apple’s complete suite of Internet services and ongoing focus on the consumer market, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 for Macintosh will be included with the iMac. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 for Macintosh provides ease-of-use; access to information any time, anywhere; and support for the latest Internet standards.

Microsoft and Apple also announced a new promotion that will enable every Apple iMac customer in the U.S. to receive a discount of $100 on the purchase of Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition. The promotion brings added benefit to Microsoft and Apple’s mutual Macintosh customers by jointly addressing the technology needs and cost sensitivities of the consumer market.

In the middle of Microsoft’s Windows environment, Ben Waldman, general manager of the company’s Macintosh business unit, leads Microsoft’s continuing support of Apple and the Macintosh platform, including the refinement of Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit. Dedicated to creating a great relationship that produces high-quality applications for Macintosh customers, the group aims to sharpen its focus by integrating development and marketing of both the Mac Office and Internet Explorer teams. The Macintosh business unit now has more than 200 employees, making it the largest Macintosh software team outside of Apple Computer Inc.

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