Ronald McDonald House Charities. RMHC received a 1998 Non-Profit Technology Grant

  1. What have been some of the information technology challenges for RMHC?

    Ronald McDonald House Charities provides comfort and care to children and families through its network of local charities serving in 27 countries and provides support to 197 Ronald McDonald Houses in 16 countries. It is extremely important to inform the entire RMHC family of new programs, donor opportunities and changes within the organization. The Microsoft donation will allow us to communicate and inform our RMHC Chapters and Houses better and faster.

  2. What kind of IT challenges are specific for a non-profit organization?

    For Ronald McDonald House Charities, it is very important to have an organized computer system that will help track donations and acknowledgments, keep a current donor list, produce presentations to donor/volunteer groups, create informational newsletters and other direct marketing pieces, and develop a website. This donation will allow us to accomplish these things.

  3. How will this grant help?

    The donation to Ronald McDonald House Charities, its Houses, and Camps will allow staff and volunteers to efficiently run their respective programs. The servers will allow the Local Charities to develop personal networks, whereby staff and volunteers can share information within their Local Charity.

  4. How do you see software making a difference in your organization’s mission?

    Our mission is to provide comfort and care to children and families around the world. Through the donation, Local Charities and Houses will be able to expand outreach efforts even further into their community. The donation will also increase our effectiveness of generating additional donors, retaining and recruiting volunteers, and generating awareness of RMHC.

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