Microsoft Delivers Windows NT 5.0 Beta 2 to More Than 250,000 Testers

REDMOND, Wash., Aug. 18, 1998 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the release of the second beta version of the Microsoft® Windows NT® Workstation 5.0, Windows NT Server 5.0, and Windows NT Server 5.0 Enterprise Edition operating systems. Beta 2 is the first release intended specifically for IT professionals to begin testing Windows NT 5.0 in their organizations. Beta code will be distributed to more than 45,000 technical beta sites, 25,000 channel partners and 200,000 developers worldwide via the Microsoft Developer Network.

Windows NT Workstation 5.0 is the premier desktop operating system for businesses of all sizes and is designed to replace Windows 95 as the standard business desktop. Microsoft Windows NT Server 5.0, the next release of the best-selling server operating system, is the only multipurpose server operating system designed to connect, run and manage every part of the digital business. When combined, Windows NT Workstation 5.0 and Windows NT Server 5.0 provide a platform that lowers the total cost of ownership, enables a new generation of distributed applications and provides the infrastructure for companies to build their digital nervous systems.

“The Windows NT 5.0 platform will have a significant impact on how organizations reduce overall IT costs and build the infrastructure to enable distributed business applications,”
said Jim Allchin, senior vice president, personal and business systems group at Microsoft.
“Our No. 1 goal for Windows NT 5.0 is quality. To date, the product has already undergone extensive testing by more than 100,000 beta testers, ISVs, OEMs and IHVs. Beta 2 will enable an even broader level of testing across a wider range of scenarios and features in the product.”

Windows NT Workstation 5.0

Windows NT Workstation 5.0 is the next-generation desktop operating system that maximizes the power of the PC as a robust productivity tool for every business user.
Windows NT Workstation 5.0 will be the compelling upgrade for the standard Windows® 95 operating system business desktop. End users and IT managers will benefit from moving to Windows NT Workstation 5.0 with or without Windows NT Server. The product will deliver the following:

  • Easiest-to-use business desktop yet. Windows NT Workstation 5.0 will offer a simpler and more intelligent user interface, including improved help and search capabilities, richer error messages and the best Internet experience. In addition, it will be significantly easier for users to configure their system with a comprehensive set of intuitive wizards.

  • The best of Windows 98 for business. Windows NT Workstation 5.0 will offer key features found in Windows 98 that are important for businesses today, such as support for laptops via Plug and Play and power management. Also included is support for DVD and the hundreds of Universal Serial Bus devices introduced with Windows 98, such as scanners, printers and mouse products. Finally, Windows NT Workstation 5.0 will enable a new generation of hardware, such as digital cameras and recorders, by supporting fast communication technologies such as IEEE 1394.

  • Traditional Windows NT power. Windows NT Workstation 5.0 continues to advance its core benefits of reliability, security and performance. It will reduce the number of planned and unplanned system reboots, deliver advanced security via richer permissions and expanded administration controls, and provide a more responsive computing experience for the standard business desktop. Windows NT Workstation 5.0 builds on the Windows NT architecture, providing a smooth upgrade for current users of Windows NT Workstation 4.0.

  • Lower total cost of ownership. Windows NT Workstation 5.0 will offer lower overall management costs by making it easier to deploy, administer and support the business desktop. When combined with Windows NT Server 5.0, Windows NT Workstation 5.0 provides the client-side support for the new IntelliMirror
    management technologies, which provide an even greater reduction in total cost of ownership.

Windows NT Server 5.0

Microsoft Windows NT Server 5.0 builds on the strengths of Windows NT Server 4.0 by providing a platform that is faster, more reliable and easier to manage. Most important, it delivers a comprehensive set of distributed infrastructure services based on the Active Directory directory service, the first multipurpose directory service that is scalable, built from the ground up using Internet-standard technologies, and fully integrated at the operating system level. Although Windows NT Server 5.0 offers significant new functionality, the product is designed for modular deployment to allow customers to take advantage of this new technology at their own pace. Upon final release, Windows NT Server 5.0 will deliver the following benefits:

  • Increased manageability. Windows

    NT Server 5.0 helps deliver a significantly lower total cost of ownership by centrally managing servers, desktops and networks through centralized policy-based administration provided by Active Directory and IntelliMirror, and powerful new remote administration tools.

  • Most comprehensive. Windows NT Server 5.0 integrates best-of-breed file, print, Web, application, management, networking and communications, terminal emulation, and streaming media services to make it easier to implement powerful new business solutions.

  • Best long-term investment . Windows

    NT Server 5.0 uses companies’ existing investments in Windows, UNIX and NetWare, takes advantage of the latest hardware and networking advancements as they become available, and builds on the continued industry investment of more than 4,000 Windows NT-based applications and 170,000 Windows NT Server certified professionals.

  • Higher scalability and availability. Windows NT Server 5.0 Enterprise Edition offers enhanced functionality, ease of configuration, scalability and availability to meet the needs of the most demanding mission-critical environments. Beta 2 introduces improvements in scalability through further symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) optimization, support for physical memories greater than 4 GB physical memories (up to 64 GB on some systems), clustering enhancements, and high-performance sorting for commercial data-warehouse and data-mart applications.

“We will be deploying Windows NT 5.0 beta 2 in production environments,”
said Ned Studt, senior engineer, research and development, IKON Corp., a unit of IKON Office Solutions Inc.

Beta 2 provides both the features and level of quality required for us to begin massive

deployments of the beta across the company to help us reduce the total cost of ownership and begin development of critical line-of-business applications.

Product Milestones

Microsoft is committed to delivering a high-quality product. Beta 3, the next major milestone in the development process, will be available once the company has received and incorporated feedback from beta 2 customers. The final release date for Windows NT 5.0 has not been set. System requirements, pricing and packaging also have not yet been determined. For more information on Windows NT 5.0, please see .

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