Microsoft Announces Availability of Systems Management Server 2.0

REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 8, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the immediate availability of Systems Management Server 2.0, the management software that empowers customers to centrally manage all their Microsoft® Windows® operating system-based desktop and server systems. Customers can use Systems Management Server 2.0 to reduce the cost of change and configuration management for Windows-based desktop and server systems.

Customers today face the challenge of lowering their systems management costs with a solution that fits their environment. Systems Management Server 2.0 helps small, medium-sized and large businesses address this challenge by enabling them to inventory hardware and software resources, distribute software, and support users from a central location. These capabilities also help administrators face the added challenge of identifying and addressing Y2K issues within their Windows-based environment.

“Organizations of all sizes need the ability to lower the cost of managing the change and configuration of their personal computers,”
said Jim Allchin, senior vice president, personal and business systems group at Microsoft.
“Systems Management Server 2.0 helps organizations create a well-managed Windows-based environment by providing them with a comprehensive set of management tools to significantly lower their management costs through centralized planning, deployment and diagnostics.”

“In today’s marketplace, businesses need to carefully manage their costs if they want to stay competitive,”
said Dave Lakshmanan, vice president of Merrill Lynch Distributed Systems Development.
“Our initial deployment of Systems Management Server 2.0 has shown us that it can help us lower our support costs, manage change and prepare for Y2K for our Windows-based desktops and servers.”

Systems Management Server 2.0 includes a number of customer-requested features that allow administrators to lower the costs of managing their networked Windows-based systems:

  • Planning tools include new discovery-based software inventory and CIM-based hardware inventory to provide administrators with more detailed information regarding hardware and software configurations; software metering to enable administrators to monitor and control real-time software usage; and year 2000 compliance-checking tools for Windows-based environments.

  • Deployment tools include improved software distribution capability to provide administrators with a broader range of distribution targets, including users, user groups, TCP/IP network segments and machines; and installation tools to reduce administrators’ preparation time for software distribution.

  • Diagnostics tools include server health-monitoring functionality to enable administrators to track Windows NT operating system-based servers and processes proactively; and network monitoring and network tracing tools to provide administrators with access to detailed network information for diagnosis of network issues within a Windows-based environment.

Pricing and Availability

Systems Management Server 2.0 is now available to distributors throughout the United States and Canada for an estimated price of $1,129 (U.S.) for the 10 client access license (CAL) version. For more information about Systems Management Server 2.0 and Windows management, visit .

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Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0

Quote Sheet

“Microsoft® Systems Management Server 2.0 offers customers an efficient way to manage their desktop configurations, while BMC Software’s PATROL for Systems Management Server is a great way to ensure that Systems Management Server is available to do its job. Furthermore, by utilizing Microsoft Windows® Management Instrumentation, PATROL can integrate tightly with Systems Management Server to provide a formidable diagnostic duo capable of quickly resolving and correcting failures across enterprise applications and databases.”

– Bob Kruger
Vice President
Windows NT and E-Commerce Solutions
BMC Software Inc.

“Microsoft’s release of Systems Management Server 2.0 provides a stronger complementary IT management environment for our mutual customers. Combining Compaq Insight Manager capabilities with Systems Management Server provides great advantages for Windows environments.”

– Mike Mata
Vice President
Management Solutions Business Unit
Compaq Computer Corp.

“Unicenter TNG and Systems Management Server provide Computer Associates and Microsoft customers with a powerful combined management solution that allows management of complex client/server environments using a fully integrated, policy-based solution. Integration between the two products facilitates ease of administration and, via the power of Unicenter TNG, expands the scope of management to encompass the heterogeneous enterprise.”

– Allan Andersen
Director of Marketing
Computer Associates International

“The Windows Management Instrumentation technology is the key technology in Systems Management Server 2.0 that we leverage to provide our solutions. The fact that our family of +Plus Pack products are available coincident with the release of Systems Management Server 2.0 attests to the stability and robustness of the platform.”

– Poul Nielsen
President and Chief Operating Officer
Computing Edge

Dell and Microsoft are making centralized management of remote users easier by working together to deliver integrated systems management solutions for our enterprise customers. Systems Management Server 2.0 takes advantage of industry-standard instrumentation on Dell systems and the Dell OpenManage portfolio of systems management solutions to help increase systems availability and manageability of Dell PowerEdge servers, OptiPlex desktops, Latitude notebooks and Precision WorkStations.”

– Jeff Hornung
Director of Product Marketing
Enterprise Systems Group
Dell Computer Corp.

“Microsoft’s release of Systems Management Server 2.0 provides a stronger complementary IT management environment for our HP OpenView ManageX customers. HP OpenView ManageX already supports the Microsoft Management Console and Windows Management Instrumentation environments for the Windows 2000 system administrator customer installed base. The release of Systems Management Server 2.0 and its integration with HP OpenView ManageX 4.0 demonstrates the continued value of HP and Microsoft’s relationship in IT management solutions.”

– Olivier Helleboid
General Manager
OpenView Business Unit
Hewlett-Packard Co.

“Network Associates recognizes the pivotal role Microsoft Systems Management Server plays in the management of Windows NT® in an enterprise. We are working with Microsoft to further integrate our desktop management and help desk products to help IT organizations reduce the cost of ownership and support. This integration will provide users of Magic Total Service Desk with access to Systems Management Server inventory data, support for software distribution and use of Web-Based Enterprise Management for extended diagnostics.”

– Arvind Narain
Director of Product Marketing
Total Service Desk Division
Network Associates Inc.

“Seagate Software’s unified approach to solving the widespread business problem of bringing together people and information is well-served by bundling Seagate Info with Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0. This pairing of technologies follows our Enterprise Information Management vision, as Systems Management Server provides mission-critical information and maintenance of IT operations, and Seagate Info is unrivalled in its scalability and ease for sharing information for organizations of all sizes.”

– Tony Wind
Vice President
Product Management
Seagate Software

“We are excited to be playing a key role in the release of Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0. With over 500 successful Systems Management Server deployments to date, we now have the opportunity to expand further our methodology and expertise in providing systems management solutions for our customers. They, in turn, will benefit greatly from the robust new features and enhancements of version 2.0.”

– David Macchia
Product Manager
Software Spectrum
Systems Management Server Alliance

“TIDAL Software has been working with Microsoft to ensure that our native Windows NT Sys*Admiral job-scheduling product will support Windows Management Instrumentation, Microsoft Management Console and Systems Management Server technologies. Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 offers users of Windows NT more flexibility and openness to other applications than ever before. With Microsoft Management Console technology, Microsoft is making a giant step forward in simplifying the entire user interface and administration of back-office applications to give them a common look and feel. TIDAL Software and Microsoft are mutually committed to giving our customers more customization and control of their production applications.”

– Terry Ewing
President and CEO
TIDAL Software

“Customers demand continuous availability of their critical business systems. Customers using the new Microsoft Systems Management Server desktop configuration and change-management capabilities and Tivoli’s enterprise management solutions can enjoy unprecedented operational control of their Windows-based environments, streamlining their management operation and increasing the business bottom line.”

– Mike Turner
Vice President
Tivoli Enterprise Solutions

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