Beastie Boys Offer Free Music Download to Help Kosovo Relief Effort

REDMOND, Wash., May 26, 1999 — For the next 10 weeks, Launch Media, Inc., and the Beastie Boys are supporting Kosovo relief efforts by offering free Windows Media downloads of three previously unreleased Beastie Boys tracks. For each new visitor who downloads the tracks, $1 will be donated to relief efforts. Microsoft has committed to match this contribution, dollar for dollar.

“Musicians have supported important causes for many years, and we’re pleased to team up with Beastie Boys,, Grand Royal Records/Capitol Records to support relief efforts in Kosovo,” says Will Poole, senior director, marketing and business development, Streaming Media Division at Microsoft. “Together with music fans we’re working to help those in great need.”

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that it is working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and several international businesses to develop a registration system for Kosovar refugees. The company provided software, cash and volunteer support to issue ID cards, allowing easy distribution of relief supplies and helping reunite separated families.

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