Microsoft Announces Final Packaging for Windows 2000

REDMOND, Wash., Aug. 17, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. today announced final packaging for its upcoming Windows® 2000 operating system product line. This packaging is designed to address the changing needs of Microsoft customers, as well as the introduction of industry-standard eight-way multiprocessing systems into the market.

The Microsoft® Windows 2000 family consists of four products: Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server, DataCenter Server and Professional. Windows 2000 Server, the next-generation multipurpose network operating system designed for departmental file and print, Web, and entry-level application servers, supports up to four processors. Windows 2000 Advanced Server, the server operating system for business-critical Web and line-of-business application servers, integrates clustering and load balancing and supports up to eight processors. Windows 2000 DataCenter Server, the server operating system for the most demanding levels of availability and scale, supports additional clustering capabilities and up to 32 processors. Windows 2000 Professional, designed to be the mainstream desktop and laptop operating system for businesses of all sizes, will continue to support up to two processors.

This final packaging enables customers to choose the appropriate product for their specific needs and provides them with a clear upgrade path as their business grows. It also empowers a broader range of customers to take advantage of new advances in scalable server hardware, further reducing their total cost of ownership through server consolidation and faster, more cost-effective systems. In addition, Windows 2000 enables a wide range of business solutions, including e-commerce, database, application, Web, and messaging systems.

“We are delighted to announce the final packaging for Windows 2000, providing our customers with the infrastructure to keep pace with the changing marketplace and to maintain a competitive advantage,”
said Deborah Willingham, vice president of the Business and Enterprise Division, Microsoft.
“This packaging enables customers to choose the product best-suited to their specific business needs, provides a road map for growth, and optimizes for the latest industry-standard hardware advances.”

With the shift of industry-standard servers toward higher end eight-way configurations and the need for more capacity for the same core tasks historically performed with the Windows NT® Server operating system 4.0, customers want to be able to consolidate their infrastructure for file and print service, Web-based workloads (including e-commerce) and line-of-business solutions on larger machines. The combination of these more powerful eight-way systems being introduced and Windows 2000 Advanced Server will offer enterprise customers better price/performance, scalability, manageability, and availability for their e-commerce and line-of business solutions.

“Compaq is delighted that Windows 2000 Advanced Server will support the new eight-way ProLiants servers and create a unique force ideally positioned to accelerate the growth of industry-standard computing both in the traditional enterprise and in the new emerging e-business market,”
said Mary McDowell, vice president and general manager, Industry Standard Server Division, Compaq Computer Corp.

“The increased eight-way SMP support in Windows 2000 Advanced Server complements the reliability and scalability features of the new eight-way HP NetServer LXr 8500 system,”
said Eileen O’Brien, marketing manager, Hewlett-Packard Network Server Division.
“The powerful combination of Windows 2000 and the HP NetServer systems will enable our enterprise customers to optimize performance by providing best-in-class power, investment protection and intelligent management.”

“Windows 2000 Advanced Server factory-installed on Dell PowerEdge servers will provide new levels of reliability, scalability and management for industry-standard servers,”
said Michael Lambert, senior vice president, Dell Enterprise Systems Group.
“Windows 2000 with Dell PowerEdge servers, including the new eight-way PowerEdge 8450 and PowerVault storage systems, will enable customers to deploy mission-critical data-center applications on open-standard technologies.”

“By increasing the SMP support in each of the Windows 2000 Server products, Microsoft is supporting the shift to higher end servers that are powerful, versatile and fast enough to handle the demands of large enterprises,”
said Sandy Carter, director, PartnerWorld for Developers, Netfinity Brand at IBM.
“The eight-way SMP support in Windows 2000 Advanced Server and the Netfinity 8500R will provide customers with a solution that maximizes uptime and provides superior manageability for compute-intensive business intelligence, transaction processing and server consolidation projects while providing a great value in eight-way servers.”

Availability and Pricing

Windows 2000 Professional, Server and Advanced Server are currently on track to be released by the end of 1999. Windows 2000 DataCenter Server will be released approximately 90-120 days later. Final pricing will be announced separately.

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