Cordless Mouse Offers Users New Freedom of Movement

Cordless Mouse Offers Users New Freedom of Movement

REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 1, 1999 — The most intriguing thing about the new mouse Microsoft introduced today may be what’s missing: the cord.

Microsoft’s new Cordless Wheel Mouse features digital two-channel radio technology, allowing users to send commands to their computers from anywhere within five feet of its receiver — even if there’s no clear line of sight. The receiver is easily attached to the PC through a round (PS/2-compatible) mouse port.

The Microsoft Cordless Wheel Mouse also features the IntelliMouse pointing device, for easy scrolling and zoom magnification within compatible documents and Web pages, and three programmable buttons: users can reverse the right-click and left-click functions; assign double-click functions to the wheel; or program the wheel to provide direct access to the Help feature, Windows Explorer or the Start menu.

“The Cordless Wheel Mouse is an ideal solution for users who don’t want to be tied to a cord,”
said Tim McDonough, Mouse Line product manager at Microsoft.
“This mouse offers them the popular IntelliMouse scrolling wheel in a cordless product.”

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