Microsoft Releases Money 2000 Deluxe

REDMOND, Wash., Sept. 1, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the release of Money 2000 Deluxe, the newest version of the company’s comprehensive and easy-to-use personal finance management software. Microsoft® Money 2000 Deluxe provides new and enhanced features, combining an innovative investment center with comprehensive financial planning tools developed with American Express Financial Advisors (AEFA) and integration with the MSN™ MoneyCentral™ personal finance online service.

“With Money 2000 Deluxe, we have made a great product even better by incorporating new features that help consumers manage their day-to-day finances and achieve long-term financial goals,”
said Richard Bray, general manager of the Financial Products Division at Microsoft.
“To keep pace with what consumers need, Money 2000 includes comprehensive investment tools and allows consumers to access important financial information from anywhere, at any time.”

Bringing Wall Street Home With Money 2000

Superior investment management tools in Money 2000 Deluxe provide customers with a complete solution for effectively managing, tracking, analyzing and researching their investments. Innovative tools, such as the Customizable Investment Portfolio and the new Portfolio Review (which provides personalized investment analysis), offer in-depth functionality for experienced investors and new users alike.

In addition, through enhanced integration with the award-winning MSN MoneyCentral Web site, Money 2000 Deluxe provides consumers with free*, unlimited access to information on more than 17,000 stocks, as well as top-rated investment research and expert financial advice. This integration offers investors the best of both worlds: free, unlimited investment information and the best tools to analyze it.

Any-Time, Anywhere Access to Financial Information

Money 2000 Deluxe consumers can now stay on top of their finances at home or work. With new Money Web Express, users have access to key financial information such as account balances, bills due and budget reminders on MoneyCentral. Consumers can also securely record account transactions and manage their investment portfolio on MoneyCentral. Two-way synchronization with the MoneyCentral Investor Portfolio lets users transfer investment data between MoneyCentral and Money 2000 Deluxe while automatically updating investment activities in both locations.

“Improvements to Money this year address top feature requests from consumers and help users keep pace with new financial trends, including the use of the Internet to manage and track investments and bank online,”
said Christine Winkel, product manager for Money 2000.
“Consumers today want 24-hour access to financial information. We’ve developed Money 2000 to help them manage their personal finances easily and efficiently at any time, from a computer connected to the Internet.”

World-Class Financial Planning With American Express Financial Advisors

With the expertise of AEFA, Money 2000 Deluxe builds on the world-class financial planning tools introduced in Money 99. With Money 2000, consumers can get an accurate look at their current financial picture and build a comprehensive financial plan for the future. The new, integrated Financial Event Modeler helps users forecast and evaluate
scenarios such as early retirement or a change in the stock market to determine the resultant impact on their financial plan. New financial planning features such as the Purchase Wizard also help consumers make smart financial decisions by providing personalized options to finance major purchases through savings, loans, asset liquidation or other means. The new planning features combined with the Budget Planner and Debt Reduction Planner are among the most comprehensive financial planning software tools available.

Easier Tax Management and Filing

Money 2000 Deluxe’s new Tax Center helps simplify the process of tracking, managing and filing taxes. New features such as the Capital Gains Estimator help consumers manage their taxes throughout the year, while others such as the new CPA summary reports help simplify process at tax time. New this year is complete integration with Microsoft TaxSaver, the company’s tax preparation software that will debut this tax season. TaxSaver allows consumers to transfer financial information from Money 2000 Deluxe to TaxSaver for easy tax preparation and filing. Once their return is complete, TaxSaver will be able to transfer key data back to Money to facilitate tax preparation for the following year.

Ease of Setup and Use

Money 2000’s new simple-to-use features make it easier than ever for consumers to achieve and maintain financial fitness. The new Money Setup Assistant walks consumers through the process of setting up accounts, investments, bills and more. New Step-by-Step Navigation provides clear directions and easy access to frequently performed activities. Whether consumers are long-time users of Money or just getting started, Money 2000 provides them with the most complete solution to easily manage their finances.

Pricing and Availability**

Money 2000 Standard is available for $24.95 after a $10 in-box rebate. Money 2000 Deluxe is available for $44.95 after a $20 in-box rebate. Money 2000 Business & Personal is available for $74.95 after a $20 in-box rebate.

Money 2000 Deluxe also offers a number of special promotions:

  • E*Trade. Money 2000 consumers who sign up for an E*trade account receive a $75 account credit.***

  • Free MSN**** Internet Access. Users of Microsoft Money 2000 Deluxe can receive free Internet access for two hours per month, for up to 12 months, through Dec. 31, 2000, from MSN.

  • Money Deluxe trial version and online tour. A free* 90-day Money trial will be available at (connect-time charges may apply). Availability is scheduled for September 1999.

To order Money 2000, consumers can call (800) 426-9400, go to on the Web or visit a local retailer.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal computers. The company offers a wide range of products and services for business and personal use, each designed with the mission of making it easier and more enjoyable for people to take advantage of the full power of personal computing every day.

*Internet functionality requires an Internet service provider (ISP) and browser (MSN trial offer and Internet Explorer 5 provided). Connect-time charges may apply. All software required is included in Microsoft Money 2000 and is compatible with all Microsoft Windows® operating system-compatible ISPs. Online banking and brokerage options vary by financial institution. Contact local financial institutions for program details. To receive and pay bills electronically through a third-party Internet bill delivery and payment provider, a checking account with any financial institution in the United States and Internet access are required, as well as other additional requirements as indicated by the third-party internet bill delivery and payment provider. Online receipt and payment of bills through Internet bill delivery and payment providers is subject to availability by these third-party providers.

**Prices are estimated retail prices. Actual retail prices may vary. Rebate offers valid with qualifying proofs of purchase in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. Offer expires Dec. 31, 2000 .

***E*Trade offer valid in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia only. Offer expires Sept. 30, 2000. Connect-time charges may apply.

****For users of the Windows 95 or later operating system. Includes MSN client access software only. In addition, a subscription to MSN is required to access the service. Offer expires Dec. 31, 2000. Two free hours per month are available through Dec. 31, 2000. Each additional hour will be billed at U.S. $2.50 per hour. After Dec. 31, 2000, customers will be charged the then-current rate for MSN standard membership plan. This offer is available to new members in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia only. A credit card is required. MSN premium charges, access charges (if access is purchased from a provider other than MSN), local phone and/or long distance toll charges may apply. Access availability may be affected by local market network activity and capacity. Check with local phone companies to ensure that the selected access number is a local call. Customers are responsible for any long distance charges incurred when connecting to MSN.

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