Microsoft Holds Smart Card ’99 Business Development Conference To Showcase New Smart Card Technology Solutions

REDMOND, Wash., Oct. 8, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. executives, including Chairman and CEO Bill Gates, addressed more than 200 executives today at the Smart Card ’99 Business Development Conference to showcase solutions using the soon-to-be-released Microsoft® Windows® for Smart Cards operating system. In addition, Microsoft executives spoke with representatives from smart card manufacturers, chipmakers and solution providers about the newly announced Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) capabilities, life-cycle management software, and increased processor support for the forthcoming operating system.

A smart card is a device the size of a credit card with a crypto-capable microprocessor. The microprocessor allows the card to store data (from money or files to loyalty points), make digital signatures to authenticate the user, and encrypt data. Microsoft is enabling the worldwide expansion of smart cards by building smart card readiness into Windows products, as well as creating an operating system specifically designed from the ground up for smart cards.

“Smart card technology will be a key enabler for companies to create more secure and innovative end-to-end solutions, allowing people to access their information any time, anywhere, and from any device,”
Gates said.
“Our goal is to provide powerful development tools and supporting infrastructure that help developers create effective smart card solutions.”

“Microsoft Windows for Smart Cards gives programmers a proven development model that helps them create smart card applications quickly,”
said Gilles Lisimaque, chief technology officer at Gemplus.
“Microsoft is working with companies in the smart card industry to create a set of familiar tools in Windows for Smart Cards to enable solutions that can be easily integrated into existing computer environments.”

Microsoft and smart card vendors announced a number of hardware and software enhancements for the Windows for Smart Cards operating system:

  • Microsoft and Infineon work to provide a common hardware and software platform. Microsoft announced its work with Infineon Technologies AG, a leading smart card IC manufacturer, to offer a common hardware-software platform enabling the development of smart card applications based on the Microsoft Windows for Smart Cards operating system. To give developers a broader array of processor support, Microsoft will also port the Windows for Smart Cards operating system to run on the Infineon 66 family of high-security chip card controllers. In addition, Microsoft will supply versions of its Windows Smart Card Toolkit for Visual Basic® and Visual C++® that will enable rapid development of applications running on Infineon’s 16-bit security controller (SLE66CX160S).

  • Microsoft delivers support for the GSM platform in the Windows for Smart Cards operating system. By extending support for GSM to Windows for Smart Cards, Microsoft will allow GSM operators and mobile equipment manufacturers to use familiar Windows-based tools to create customizable and enhanced smart card solutions for their mobile phone customers. Next week at Telecom 99 + Interactive 99, Microsoft will demonstrate some of the capabilities of GSM cards running Windows for Smart Cards, including providing access to e-mail, calendars and other Internet applications.

  • Microsoft is working with service bureaus to provide life-cycle management services for Windows Powered Smart Cards. To help smart card producers manage the issuing, updating and deactivating of smart card solutions, Microsoft announced the support of several service bureaus for the Windows for Smart Cards platform. First Data Resources produced the first of five demonstrations at the conference of life-cycle management solutions that will be available for Windows Powered Smart Cards.

Microsoft Windows for Smart Cards Solution

Microsoft Windows for Smart Cards is an 8-bit, multiapplication operating system for smart cards. It is designed to be a low-cost, easy-to-program platform that runs Visual Basic-

based applications that meet the criteria mentioned earlier: extending the PC environment into smart card use. Windows for Smart Cards uses the same development tools – the Microsoft Visual C++ and Visual Basic development systems – that millions of independent software vendors (ISVs) and in-house corporate developers use.


The Microsoft Windows Smart Card Toolkit will be released before the end of the year. More information is available at .

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