Expedia.com Recognized by Media Metrix as the Most Visited Online Travel Site for Unprecedented Sixth Straight Month

REDMOND, Wash., Oct. 21, 1999 — Expedia Inc. announced that the Expedia.com TM ( http://expedia.com/ ) travel service was the most visited online travel site for September, according to Media Metrix figures.

During September, more than 4.1 million unique visitors accessed Expedia.com, earning it the distinction of being the only online travel site in the top 40 Web sites in the United States. Expedia.com has retained the No. 1 traffic position in the online travel industry since April 1999.

About Expedia Inc.

The main online component of Expedia Inc., Expedia.com ( http://expedia.com/ ), is the leading place to go on the Web to find the right trip at the right price. People can book air, car and hotel reservations as well as find vacations, cruises and other travel options. Along with booking travel, Expedia.com helps people plan their trips with in-depth destination information, travel news and mapping services.

A credit card guarantee is offered on Expedia.com (U.S. and Canadian versions only) to protect credit cards used on the Internet from fraud. With this service, after customers use their credit cards for an initial purchase on Expedia.com, the cards are protected from fraud liability – up to $50 (U.S.) – on any purchases made in the subsequent 12 months on or off the Internet. Since the program’s introduction in 1998, Microsoft is proud to state that because of top-level security, the service remains unused.

Expedia.com also offers exceptional customer service, with more than 250 travel representatives and travel agents available via (800) EXPEDIA (397-3342) and e-mail to answer questions and provide assistance to travelers 24 hours a day, seven days a week while they are en route.

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