Microsoft Announces Windows 2000 Global Launch Partners

REDMOND, Wash., Nov. 15, 1999 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the first Windows® 2000 Global Launch Partners, industry leaders who are showcasing significant investment in the Microsoft® Windows 2000 family of operating systems through solutions, services and support. Cisco Systems Inc., Commerce One Inc., Compaq Computer Corp., Dell Computer Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co., i2 Technologies Inc., Intel Corp., SAP AG, Toshiba Corp. and Unisys Corp. are working closely with Microsoft in the development of key industry innovations supported by Windows 2000.

The Global Launch Partners will join Microsoft in more than 60 locations worldwide on Feb. 17, 2000, to showcase innovative solutions and demonstrate how the entire computer industry is preparing customers for the Windows 2000 launch. Microsoft and its industry partners are developing solutions that will empower businesses of all sizes to quickly become Internet-enabled and to lower costs by taking advantage of the enhanced manageability and increased reliability of the Windows 2000 operating system.

“In addition to Microsoft, there are thousands of industry players and customers that have a strong interest in seeing Windows 2000 achieve its full potential,”
said Dwight Davis, service director at Summit Strategies Inc.
“The diverse Windows 2000 solutions from these leading technology vendors illustrate the broad range of products and support services that are being developed around Microsoft’s flagship operating system.”

“The launch of Windows 2000 is so much more than a Microsoft event – it reflects an industry investing together to make the next generation of PC computing available to business customers. The great solutions highlighted by these global technology leaders are evidence of the broad support customers can expect to see,”
said Deborah Willingham, vice president of marketing, Business Enterprise Division, Microsoft.
“Microsoft continues to work closely with these companies and many others to ensure our customers will have pioneering, innovative Windows 2000-based solutions and deployment assistance ready worldwide from the day we launch.”


As the demand for Internet business solutions increases, so has the requirement for greater integration between application platforms and network infrastructures. To address this need, Cisco and Microsoft have joined forces to deliver solutions based on Microsoft Windows 2000 Server that take advantage of our joint technology development on security, quality of service and directory services. These solutions will allow customers to deploy successful solutions faster and cheaper and to achieve mission-critical system availability and reliability.

“With the advent of Microsoft Windows 2000, Cisco can extend intelligent network services from the server to the desktop, enterprise-wide, allowing enterprise systems to manage resources according to business needs. Customers will receive unprecedented levels of service through our joint technical collaborations on security, quality of service and directory services. With Cisco Internet applications on the Windows 2000 Server operating system, customers will achieve greater levels of scalability and reliability, meeting the demands of new Internet business environments. For example, Cisco’s comprehensive, standards-based IP telephony solution for the enterprise will take advantage of the breakthrough technologies offered in Windows 2000.”

– Peter Alexander
Vice President, Enterprise Marketing
Cisco Systems Inc.

Commerce One

Commerce One and Microsoft are working closely together to ensure that Windows 2000 is the ideal platform to provide the manageability and reliability required for the Commerce One Solution. The Commerce One BuySite TM Enterprise Edition or Portal Edition, with access to a Commerce One MarketSite TM portal running on Windows 2000 allows companies to buy and sell both direct and indirect goods and services. BuySite allows buying communities to make purchases over the Internet, automating the entire purchasing cycle, from requisition to payment, while MarketSite provides the business-to-business commerce portal platform, enabling market makers to create open, interoperable marketplaces that automate the interactions between buyers and suppliers, from order to payment.

“We are truly excited to be a Windows 2000 Global Launch Partner in one of the most anticipated product launches of our industry. Microsoft’s advances with the Windows 2000 platform – in the areas of scalability, manageability and reliability, plus the end-to-end support for Internet-enabled and Extensible Markup Language (XML)-based applications throughout the Windows 2000 environment – further validate Commerce One’s choice in using it throughout our solutions.”

– Kevin Schick
Vice President of Product Marketing

Commerce One, Inc.


Through its strategic relationship with Microsoft, Compaq is able to provide customers an easy deployment and migration path to Windows 2000 while offering a broad selection of products and services. For more than two years, Compaq and Microsoft have worked together on the design, development and testing of many key Windows 2000-based technologies, including Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), PCI Hot Plug and Online Volume Growth for Servers, hot docking, hot swapping of MultiBay devices, PC Card support and USB. As the world’s largest Microsoft certified services organization and prime integrator for Windows 2000, Compaq is positioned to help enterprise customers plan and deploy Windows 2000 in their environment quickly and reliably.

“For more than two years, Compaq and Microsoft have worked together on the design, development and testing of many key Windows 2000 technologies. Through this strategic relationship, Compaq is able to provide customers an easy deployment and migration path to Windows 2000 while offering a broad selection of products and services.”

– Peter Blackmore
Senior Vice President,
Sales and Marketing
Compaq Computer Corp.


Dell’s Windows 2000 Premier Migration Program combines a series of services, programs and products to help customers make an easy transition to the new operating system. Dell has worked with Microsoft to define and develop Windows 2000 and, through that collaboration, Windows 2000 runs optimally on Dell’s systems. Dell will showcase Windows 2000 on its OptiPlex desktop PCs, Latitude notebook PCs and PowerEdge servers in Microsoft’s booth at Comdex.

“Windows 2000 continues to be a key component in Dell’s ongoing effort to bring the best technology solutions to our customers. As a Windows 2000 Global Launch Partner, we’re in lock-step with Microsoft to ensure that the development and deployment of Windows 2000 is on track and that Dell products are fully optimized for this next-generation operating system. Our customers will find the relationship between Dell and Microsoft invaluable as they migrate to Windows 2000.”

–Carl Everett
Senior Vice President,
Personal Systems Group

Dell Computer Corp.


HP and Microsoft have been working together closely throughout the development of Windows 2000 to help customers take advantage of Windows 2000 advancements. HP’s early support and high commitment level ensure that HP’s hardware, software, services and support, and education and training solutions are designed with customer requirements in mind. HP’s capabilities for manageability and reliability through Open View, Top Tools and support services will to help customer migrate to Windows 2000 and take advantage of the Internet to meet their business goals.

“As a Windows 2000 Global Launch Partner, HP is committed to providing its customers with the hardware, software, support and services they will need to easily manage the migration to Windows 2000. Across the board, HP products are Windows 2000-certified, ensuring that customers worldwide can rely on HP for an end-to-end computing solution.”

–Duane Zitzner
President, Computer Products
Hewlett-Packard Co.

i2 Technologies

i2 Technologies and Microsoft are delivering eBusiness solutions to improve productivity and decision making. i2 Technologies is the leading global provider of intelligent eBusiness solutions. i2’s intelligent planning and optimization software, RHYTHM® , will help companies maximize efficiency, collaborate with suppliers and customers, conduct intelligent eBusiness over the Internet, and become more responsive to market demand. RHYTHM running on Windows 2000 provides a scalable, reliable solution to meet the business needs of i2 and Microsoft’s mutual customers. i2’s world-class customers learn to make better decisions, faster than their competitors.

“We are extremely pleased to be a Windows 2000 Global Launch Partner. Microsoft’s innovative new platform will further allow i2’s customers to receive value faster through their business processes as a result of the compatibility and scalability of the Windows 2000 environment.”

–Mike Ellis
Vice President of Alliances
i2 Technologies Inc.


Intel has worked with Microsoft to ensure that the Windows 2000 operating system is highly optimized for Intel-based servers and workstations, professional desktop mobile PCs, and its computer telephony and networking products. Intel has focused in the areas of ease of use, reliability, manageability and scalability, and several Intel-led technologies and initiatives are included in Microsoft’s upcoming releases. In addition, Intel is working closely on Microsoft’s development of a future operating system for Intel’s IA-64 Itanium TM processors.

We worked closely with Microsoft to deliver the best computing platform, including key Internet building blocks, that will help businesses bring these exciting new solutions for Windows to the market quickly. Intel-architected computing solutions combined with Windows 2000 will

include highly reliable servers and networks powering the Internet, speedy workstations for e-creation and personal computers.

–Pat Gelsinger
Vice President and General Manager, Desktop Products Group
Intel Corp.


With over 9,500 installations currently running on the Windows NT® operating system, SAP and Microsoft are serious about ensuring that Windows 2000 is a high quality, highly available platform for SAP’s current and new customers. SAP and Microsoft have been working together throughout 1999 performing daily testing of Windows 2000, including simulated stress tests. In August, Microsoft migrated its production SAP system to Windows 2000 as further evidence that Windows 2000 is ready for mission-critical applications such as SAP.

Both Microsoft and SAP are currently undergoing major transformations – and its Internet Solutions on Demand focus and Microsoft’s Windows 2000 announcement as the Business Internet platform. There is great synergy here for our joint customers. With over 60 percent of new SAP installations worldwide being implemented on Windows NT, SAP is committed to supporting Windows 2000 for traditional R/3 and customers at launch. SAP and Microsoft are working together on taking advantage of Windows 2000 enhancements such as Active Directory TM and quality of service.”
–Ingo Hoffmann
Microsoft Global Alliance Director


Toshiba leads the market in developing high-quality award-winning mobility products. Their experience in areas such as power management and total cost of ownership are an important part of the Windows 2000 advantage. Toshiba and Microsoft have been working together closely over the last several years to ensure a complete synergy between this next- generation business operating system and Toshiba’s reliable hardware technology. Today, Toshiba is dedicating itself to working with its extensive customer base to assist them in taking advantage of the new Windows 2000 features as quickly as possible.

Toshiba’s worldwide leadership in mobile solutions and total cost of ownership is significantly enhanced by the reliability and mobility features of Windows 2000. Through our partnership with Microsoft, we are able to smooth the migration path and fully prepare enhanced

technology solutions for our customers.

–Jeffrey Friederichs
Vice President and General Manager of Marketing
Toshiba Corp.


Unisys offers enterprise-class solutions based on Windows 2000 architecture, from the data center to the distributed desktop. Unisys e-@ction solutions include Enterprise Servers with industry-leading price performance, best-in-class business solutions optimized for Windows 2000, and enterprise architecture services, as well as deployment and managed services for distributed networking. At COMDEX/Fall ’99, Unisys demonstrated these unique capabilities in its
“Data Center of the Next Millennium,”
the largest-capacity e-business transaction processing environment ever created on Windows 2000, conducting 4,000 transactions per second and handling more than 3 billion Web hits each day.

The Unisys charter has been to work very closely with Microsoft as a global alliance partner, and now as a Windows 2000 Global Launch Partner, integrating enterprise solutions based on both Microsoft and Unisys services and technologies. Together, we are working to help our

customers establish standards, implement strong central controls for the desktop and the data center and strategically commit to the Windows 2000 technology platform for the future. Unisys draws on its own enormous enterprise experience to help Microsoft create products more robust for enterprise

computing and to help Microsoft distribute technology into enterprise environments.

–Irv Epstein Vice President, Enterprise NT Program
Unisys Corp.

About the Windows 2000 Family

Windows 2000 will help enable the next generation of PC computing by allowing customers to Internet-enable their business using integrated Web application services, greater scalability and standards-based security services. Windows 2000 will provide a more reliable platform designed for increased system uptime and a more manageable operating system to lower desktop management costs, and will offer more centralized management for servers. In addition, Windows 2000 will help enable knowledge workers to be more productive and take advantage of new devices.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq
) is the worldwide leader in software for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software – any time, any place and on any device.

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