UpLink Helps Users of Microsoft Windows CE and Palm-Size PCs Do More

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 15, 1999 — At COMDEX/Fall ’99, Microsoft Corp. today launched a new approach to a user-community Web site with UpLink, located at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsce/uplink/ . The goal of UpLink is to showcase the innovative things people are doing with their Palm-size PCs and to share these experiences with others. What makes UpLink unique is that the editorial content for the site comes almost entirely from Palm-size PC enthusiasts who are highly regarded in the industry; Microsoft merely hosts the pages. Visitors to UpLink will have access to extensive resources and free downloads* such as those offered on other sites, but UpLink will combine these resources with the knowledge, ideas and experiences from authors of the site to help users get the most from their Palm-size PCs.

“Our goal as a group is to give the community of Palm-size PC users the most cutting-edge information available today,” said Jason Dunn, lead technical editor of UpLink. “With the help of UpLink, users will stop thinking of their device as merely an organizer and realize that it’s the most powerful tool they have. And, with UpLink, we’ll show them how.”

Designed for easy navigation, UpLink shows both novice and experienced visitors the new and exciting things that can be done with a Palm-size PC. The site’s content ranges from simple setup and installation instructions to information on advanced connectivity, Internet access and multimedia capabilities. Topics covered in UpLink include multimedia, productivity and utilities, the Internet and content, connectivity and communication, accessories and entertainment. UpLink also features informative articles and opinions, comprehensive tips and how-to’s, as well as access to free downloads and useful links to related information on the Web.*

“We wanted to provide something for Palm-size PC enthusiasts that would be a richer experience than a newsgroup or a static Web site,” said Derek Brown, marketing manager for the Productivity Appliance Division at Microsoft and creator of UpLink. “When we came up with the ‘enthusiast authors only’ idea, we joked that there was only one rule – No marketing allowed. So we settled on ‘No employees can submit content.’ I guess I have some veto power, but, really, the authors run the show. This is a first for Microsoft – we have basically released editorial control of a Microsoft Web site outside of the company.”

Rogers Weed, director of marketing for the Microsoft® Windows® CE operating system, echoed Brown’s comments. “We feel that this site belongs to the community of users of Windows CE, and we’re pleased to provide UpLink as the venue for enthusiastic Palm-size PC users to share information and experiences.”

The contributors to UpLink come from a broad range of expertise in the industry, including six writers from three countries, as well as four editors. Regular contributors to the site include Craig Peacock, author of “Windows CE Clear and Simple,” and Todd Ogasawara, Windows CE forum manager for MSN.com TM Computing Central. Most contributors are well-known on newsgroups pertaining to Windows CE, in touch with the latest trends, and knowledgeable about ways to get users set up in any situation. The experience and knowledge of these contributors helps ensure that UpLink provides Palm-size PC owners with the latest information and tools they need to do more with those devices.

“Whether I’m listening to music using MP3 capabilities, uploading daily news with AvantGo, or using Pocket Streets for directions, not a day goes by when I don’t use my Palm-size PC – it is everything I need and more,” said Taison Tan, graduate student at University of California at Los Angeles and teachers assistant. “Without my Palm-size PC, my life would be incomplete. I can’t wait to share these experiences and learn more through UpLink.”

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