Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition Released to Manufacturing

REDMOND, Wash., June 19, 2000 — Microsoft today announced that Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me), the company’s new consumer operating system designed specifically for home users, has been released to manufacturing. Consumers will be able to purchase retail versions of Windows Me beginning September 14.

Windows Me is designed to create a simpler PC experience for first-time users, while enhancing home computing for more experienced users with a variety of new features:

  • PC health. Windows Me provides an easier, more intuitive and stable computing experience. New features include System Restore, which enables users to roll back their PC software configuration to a date or time when it was working properly; System File Protection, which prevents the accidental or unauthorized overwriting of critical system files; and AutoUpdate, which can automatically download important Microsoft updates without user intervention. In addition, Windows Me, combined with “fast-boot”-optimized PC hardware, will provide home users with faster access to information, communications and entertainment at any time.

  • Digital media. Using PCs to do more with pictures, video, music and games is becoming increasingly popular among home PC users. Windows Me provides advancements in each of these areas with features such as Windows Image Acquisition, which helps users transfer digital images from digital cameras, scanners and other WIA-compliant devices; Windows Movie Maker, which provides users with the tools to digitally edit, save and share home videos; Windows Media Player 7, which offers one powerful, easy-to-use place where users can find, organize and play digital media; and DirectPlay Voice Chat, which allows PC gamers to talk with one another across the Internet during gameplay.

  • Home networking. Windows Me further enables the “connected home” through the Home Networking Wizard, a feature that helps users quickly and easily find shared resources and connect them; improved Internet Connection Sharing technology; simplified USB networking; and the first implementation of Universal Plug and Play technology in a Microsoft product.

  • Online experience. Windows Me will provide the best Internet experience for families by providing enhanced features for doing the things that matter most to them: browsing the Internet, shopping online, sending and receiving e-mail, playing games online, doing basic Web publishing, and chatting or conferencing with friends and family. Windows Me includes Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 technologies, which adds print preview functionality, core reliability and performance enhancements to improve the home Internet experience.

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