Internet Access Rebate Program Q&A Internet Access Rebate Program Q & A

Q: What is the MSN Internet Access program? How does it work?

A: MSN Internet Access works with Microsoft® Windows® 95- or 98-based PCs to provide a fast, reliable Internet connection so users can make the most of their time online. The MSN Internet Access rebate program is a popular program that offers consumers an inexpensive way to get wired and take advantage of the Internet and all that it has to offer. It provides tremendous value to consumers, which is clearly evidenced by the popularity of the program throughout the country.

Consumers can normally sign up for the rebate program at participating retailers including Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, etc. For example, consumers who sign up for a 36-month contract with MSN Internet Access may receive a $400 rebate to apply toward the purchase of a personal computer system or other merchandise depending on the retailer and location.

For more details about the rebate program, please visit:

Q: Why did MSN start the MSN Internet Access program and for whom is it designed?

A: MSN developed its program on a national basis in response to great consumer demand for access to the Internet. The program, which is especially ideal for those consumers that cannot normally afford it and goes along way towards bridging the digital divide, has been a remarkable success across the country.

Q: What retailers participate in the program in CA and OR.

A: In California and Oregon, MSN Internet Access rebate program retail partners include Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, Microcenter and Tiny Computers.

Q: Why did MSN temporarily suspend the rebate program in CA and OR?

A: While we believe most consumers understand the intent of the program and are satisfied with the MSN service and we are confident consumers will stay with MSN because of the quality of the service, it became apparent in recent days that the program was being abused by some individuals which led MSN to temporarily suspend the program in these two states. We expect this suspension to be temporary and apologize to our customers and partners for any inconvenience this may cause. We are confident that, following this temporary suspension, we can continue the program in a way that ensures consumers the best experience possible.

Q: What does this mean for consumers in CA and OR?

A: For those consumers wishing to signup for MSN Internet Access rebate program, this is just a temporary delay. We expect to enable our retail partners to offer new subscription agreements shortly. The program will continue with the same goal as before — providing consumers with an attractive program allowing them to signup for easy and affordable Internet access. If someone cannot wait and wants to signup today for MSN, customers can order a free one-month trial of MSN Internet Access by visiting or by calling (800) FREE-MSN (373-3676).

Q: What happens to consumers who have already signed up for the MSN rebate program prior to its suspension? Will MSN honor that agreement?

A: MSN will honor the terms of the contract that users agreed to and comply with applicable laws. The program has been a huge success across the country to help people get onto the Internet at an affordable price. We believe it will continue to be a success because it offers real value to the consumers who are satisfied with the MSN service.

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