Microsoft Launches Comprehensive Programs Connecting Windows Embedded Partners, Customers and Developers

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 25, 2000 — Today at the 11th annual Embedded Systems Conference (ESC), the world’s largest exhibition of embedded products and services, Microsoft Corp. announced several new programs for Windows® Embedded partners, customers and developers. Designed to enable these key embedded players to work together to easily and quickly bring to market rich, 32-bit connected Windows Powered devices, these programs include the first Windows Embedded Partner Program, the Windows Embedded Online Customer Marketplace, and a dedicated MSDN® Web site: the Windows Embedded Developer Center. In addition, Microsoft announced the availability of a free* Windows Embedded Family Evaluation Kit featuring the Microsoft® Windows CE 3.0 and Windows NT® Embedded 4.0 operating systems, and the introduction of the first Windows Embedded Developer Conference series.

“Microsoft is committed to delivering the richest set of technology building blocks, comprehensive toolsets and a flexible business model to enable easy partner and customer engagement,”
said Bill Veghte, vice president, Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group, Microsoft.
“We are now taking our commitment to the embedded industry a step further by developing a community of partners and customers that can easily connect with one another, share best practices and develop Windows Powered solutions faster and more efficiently.”

For Partners: Windows Embedded Partner Program

The first Windows Embedded Partner Program was developed to offer a flexible and adaptable infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of Windows Embedded partners. Microsoft is working with approximately 200 embedded partners today, and that number is expected to grow to over 300 by the end of this year. As part of this new program, Microsoft is launching the first Windows Embedded Partner Extranet ( ), which will provide a more effective means of distributing Windows Embedded products, support and event information as well as providing partners with direct contact with Microsoft via a dedicated e-mail alias. Moving forward, the Windows Embedded Partner Extranet will expand to provide personalization and business management tools.

“Microsoft provides the richest operating systems solutions for the development of tomorrow’s intelligent devices and, with the announcements today, is also providing a host of significant additional services that BSQUARE and our customers can use to further our success in the rapidly growing embedded industry,”
said William Baxter, president and CEO, BSQUARE Corp.
“The Windows Embedded Partner Program will provide us with opportunities to make new contacts, forge business relationships with other Windows Embedded partners, and extend our products and services to even more interested customers.”

For Customers: Windows Embedded Online Customer Marketplace

By the end of 2000, Windows Embedded customers will be able to take advantage of the Windows Embedded Online Customer Marketplace, a one-stop shop to connect customers with top-quality, prequalified Windows Embedded services providers. In the online marketplace, Windows Embedded family customers can use a customized and automated request-for-proposal (RFP) process. They can access information on individual Windows Embedded partners’ products and services by searching for their specific business needs or criteria, and utilize a public forum in which they can share and extend recommendations with other Windows Embedded customers.

In addition, the first Windows Embedded Family Evaluation Kit is available. It includes evaluation copies of the two operating systems and associated development tools, Windows NT Embedded 4.0 with Target Designer and Windows CE 3.0 with Platform Builder 3.0, as well as a Windows Embedded family resource CD. The evaluation kit is available free* and can be obtained through the Microsoft Developer Store ( ) or via a Windows Embedded authorized distributor.

For Developers: Dedicated MSDN Web Site, the Windows Embedded Developer Center

This dedicated MSDN Web site, called the Windows Embedded Developer Center (, will provide embedded developers with quick and easy access to in-depth technical information. This Web site will feature similar types of technical content that developers have long valued on other MSDN product sites, including links to SDKs, sample source code, training information and monthly online chats with key Microsoft developers and industry pundits.

In addition, Microsoft announced it will be holding the first series of Windows Embedded Developer Conferences. These conferences will include technical sessions on the entire Windows Embedded family: Windows CE, Windows NT Embedded and Windows 2000 with the Server Appliance Kit. The first conference will take place Feb. 6-8, 2001, in Las Vegas; events in Europe and Asia will follow later that year.

The rapid growth of the embedded industry presents unique challenges that need to be quickly resolved for players to be competitive. The programs within the Windows Embedded ecosystem were designed to offer tools and resources to help embedded players meet the specific needs of this industry, and they will play a critical role in their success. These programs are adaptable, so as the industry grows, Microsoft can easily alter them to meet the industry ever-changing needs.

About the Microsoft Windows Embedded Family and Microsoft

The Microsoft Windows Embedded operating systems and tools provides comprehensive software platforms for building the next generation of intelligent, 32-bit connected Windows Powered devices that demand rich applications and Internet services for a wide range of flexible solutions. In addition, Microsoft offers a wide range of programs and services designed to meet the specific needs of Windows Embedded customers, partners and developers. Windows Embedded includes Windows CE 3.0 and Windows NT Embedded 4.0.

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq
) is the worldwide leader in software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software — any time, any place and on any device.

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Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Program

Quote Sheet

September 2000

Accelent Systems Inc.

“The Windows Embedded Partner Program is a great opportunity for Accelent to extend its working relationship with Microsoft Corp. to develop new and innovative solutions for the embedded market. This new program allows us to work closely with Microsoft to have immediate access to the latest product and support information to ensure delivery of industry-leading Windows operating system-based solutions in less time and cost than traditional methods.”

Dr. Yung-Fu Chang
President and CEO

For more information, contact Steve Dyer at [email protected], (330) 864-2300

Applied Data Systems

“With Windows CE 3.0 and Windows NT Embedded, Microsoft delivered the rich technology building blocks that are key to the success of our business. With the Windows Embedded Partner Program, Microsoft is taking its commitment to the embedded community a step further by providing partners, great training and education services to streamline the collaboration process and create new and innovative Windows Powered embedded devices.”

Larry Ricci
Business Development
Applied Data Systems

For more information, contact Sarah Pick at [email protected], (301) 490-4007


“BSQUARE is an established industry leader and longtime partner of Microsoft in the embedded computing industry. We are excited to extend our relationship to join the new Windows Embedded Partner Program and look forward to continuing our success at providing innovative Windows Powered product and service solutions for the rapidly growing intelligent device market.”

Lew Larson
Vice President of Marketing

For more information, contact Michelle Manson at [email protected], (425) 519-6126

Data Dimensions

“Data Dimensions has an extensive infrastructure, with a flexible environment that can scale to fit the needs of any-sized project. The Windows Embedded Partner Program provides us with another great avenue to integrate our consulting and testing divisions with Microsoft and other Windows embedded partners in future embedded solutions.”

Peter Allen
President and Chief Executive Officer
Data Dimensions

For more information, contact

Annabelle Dellinger at [email protected], (425) 468-1618

Embedded Planet

“The new Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Program is a great opportunity for us to streamline services with key partners and customers. Embedded Planet designs and builds platforms that enable customers to rapidly turn ideas into prototypes and market-ready Internet access devices. This new partner program will allow us to meet new business and technical contacts and will help strengthen our relationships with customers, collaborators and partners, including Microsoft itself.”

Ken Applebaum
Chief Executive Officer
Embedded Planet

For more information, contact Gene Sasso at [email protected], (440) 646-0077, ext. 125

EPSON Research and Development Inc.

“Having easy access to the latest Windows embedded product information is essential to delivering great Windows Powered devices. We look forward to the Windows Embedded Partner Program as a great resource for key integration with Microsoft on future embedded projects.”

Kevin Gillett
Director of Strategic Platforms and Systems Integration

For more information, contact Kevin Gillett at [email protected], (604) 275-5151, ext. 105

MediaQ Inc.

“Our participation in the Windows Embedded Partner Program will help us accelerate the deployment of our system-on-a chip solutions for consumer information applications that combine communications, commerce and entertainment. This program allows us to combine our expertise in display technology, connectivity and low power management with Windows embedded solutions. The result is a complete product that delivers a rich end-user experience.”

Sunder Velamuri
Vice President of Marketing

For more information, contact Matthew Quint at [email protected], (650) 324-1510

Motorola Inc.

“PowerPC microprocessors from Motorola and the Windows CE embedded operating system have been successful combinations for years, and we look forward to this new chapter in our relationship with Microsoft. The Windows Embedded Partner Program is a great step toward providing up-to-date information and maximizing key embedded partner relationships. Microsoft has listened to the needs of its embedded partners in the program and customers in the Windows Embedded Online Marketplace.”

Edward Wu
Motorola Embedded Technology Center
Motorola Semiconductor Sector

For more information, contact Barb Calapristi at [email protected], (425) 519-6126

National Semiconductor Corp.

“We’re extremely excited about the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Program. Our mutual customers in the information appliance market need the feature-rich operating systems and support tools that Microsoft provides. Through the collaboration resulting from this program, customers will be able to get to market quickly with great products based on National’s Geode processor technology.”

Michael Polacek
Vice President
Information Appliance Division
National Semiconductor

For more information, contact Jeff Weir at [email protected], (408) 721-5199

Siemens AG

“Microsoft as one of our strategic partners has obviously been listening to feedback, and it shows with the development of the Windows Embedded Partner Program. We are looking forward to taking advantage of the program and closely integrating with Microsoft on future embedded programs.”

Dr. Walter Maisel
Vice President and General Manager
Driver Information Systems

For more information, contact Ralph Heinrich at [email protected], +49-(941) 790-5594

Special Computing

“Special Computing is expanding its product line due to the additional opportunities the Windows Embedded Partner Program offers. As an authorized system integrator since the launch of Windows CE, this new program demonstrates Microsoft is indeed listening to its vendors and customers.”

William Mar
Chief Executive Officer
Special Computing

For more information, contact William Mar at [email protected], (480) 922-6856

Stellcom Inc.

“Being a member of the Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Program illustrates Stellcom’s experience and expertise in Windows CE. This program shows that Microsoft understands the need for a formal partner program, and we look forward to the increased exposure to other Windows embedded partners and customers.”

Larry Mittag
Chief Technology Officer

For more information, contact Bernie Schroeder at [email protected], (858) 947-1678

Symbol Technologies

“The Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Program will be a great resource for Symbol Technologies as we continue to work closely with Microsoft in the development of devices for the enterprise based on Windows CE 3.0. The Partner Summits will not only provide an opportunity for us to communicate our customers’ needs and help shape future versions of Windows embedded products, but it provides a forum to meet and develop business relationships with other Windows embedded partners to generate future mobile solutions.”

Vinny Luciano
Vice President, Product Management
Mobile Computing Systems
Symbol Technologies

For more information, contact Doug Picker at [email protected], (631) 738-4699

Think & Do

“We provide our customers with innovative industrial automation solutions built on the Windows CE and Windows NT embedded platforms. As we extend and enhance our products, we need to maintain our close ties to Microsoft. The Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner Extranet will be an excellent tool for us to keep informed about the latest and greatest developments in the embedded space. In addition, it will help us work more effectively with Microsoft in taking advantage of joint promotion opportunities for Windows Powered control and automation solutions.”

Andy McMillan
Marketing Director
Think & Do

For more information, contact Andy McMillan at [email protected], (734) 205- 5130

VenturCom Inc.

“VenturCom has been extremely successful in evangelizing the benefits of Microsoft products for the next generation of Intelligent Connected Equipment (ICE). Our ability to work even more closely with Microsoft, in the form of the Windows Embedded Partner Program, will enable us to highlight our tools and strategic consulting resources to target operating system functionality, improve time to market and develop cost-effective solutions. Our ability to work as a team will significantly enhance the quality of products and services we can deliver to the marketplace.”

Roy Kok
Vice President of Marketing

For more information, contact Roy Kok at [email protected], (617) 661-1230

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