Microsoft and RealNames Announce Registration And Navigation Services for UDDI Initiative

REDMOND, Wash., and REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 14, 2001 — Microsoft Corp. and RealNames Corp., the extended naming services company, today announced the integration of RealNames Keyword technology and naming services with the Microsoft® Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) registry site. As a universal directory for e-commerce and other Web services, UDDI allows businesses and their products and services to be discovered and facilitates the efficient exchange of electronic information between them.

Microsoft has enabled RealNames Keywords as a UDDI identifier for companies and their products and services throughout its UDDI registry site ( ). RealNames also provides a one-click registration service for UDDI via its channel of Keyword Registries and Registrars. When a company registers a Keyword, it can automatically publish its business information through the Microsoft UDDI registry site. In addition, RealNames and Microsoft have enabled UDDI search through a human-friendly Keyword interface directly from the address bar of the Internet Explorer browser, making Internet Explorer the first major discovery and distribution channel for UDDI data available from every desktop.

“RealNames is a strategic partner providing a major business registration channel and underlying Keyword resolution platform for the UDDI Business Registry,”
said Christopher Kurt, group program manager for UDDI and Web Services at Microsoft.
“Its value-added services help expand the set of high-quality business information in the UDDI registry and ensure that it becomes a key resource for businesses looking to fundamentally change the way they interact with customers and partners over the Internet.”

“By becoming an integral part of UDDI and providing a readily recognizable identifier, a registration channel and discovery through the Internet Explorer browser, Keywords are poised to become the digital name tag of choice for small and large business,”
said Nico Popp, chief technology officer of RealNames.
“We are pleased to contribute to Microsoft’s vision of the programmable Internet by providing UDDI resolution services through Internet Explorer and registration services through our Keyword reseller channel. We can now foresee a future where RealNames name services are central to the next-generation Internet and the Internet Explorer browser becomes a primary access point for anyone making inquiries about companies through UDDI.”

How UDDI Works With RealNames Technology


When a business registers a Keyword Web address either online at Keyword: RealNames or through one of the worldwide Keyword Registrars, it also has the one-click option to register white and yellow page information with UDDI. White and yellow page UDDI entries allow companies to become discoverable to other businesses and users worldwide. Over time, RealNames will enable companies to publish products and services information through UDDI as well. Such information will constitute UDDI green pages and will allow customers and partners to embed one company’s services into another’s business offering. Even small companies will be able to extend their reach and do business globally.

Once an organization’s master information is published through UDDI with a Keyword identifier, other companies can discover it, interchange documents and begin doing business with each other online. Companies can also decide to publish their own technology as Web services that can be used as components by Web application developers. For example, a flower shop in Australia might take advantage of UDDI by discovering new tulip suppliers in Holland.


In addition, users can now also search the UDDI Business Registry by typing the Keyword phrase UDDI, followed by a company name or portion of a company name, into the address bar of Internet Explorer (for example, UDDI Corp). The results will display a complete listing of all the ways businesses with Corp in their company name are identified within the UDDI Registry. The result enables intuitive queries using natural language while it preserves company brands through a simple Web address.

More information regarding the RealNames name services platform, Keyword technology and integration with the UDDI Business Registry is available at Keyword: RealNames.

About RealNames

RealNames Corp. is the global infrastructure provider of Keywords and offers a naming platform for the next-generation Internet.

Keywords are a superior Web naming registration platform that extends the existing Domain Name System. Keywords replace complicated URLs with simple names and brands and work in the consumer’s native language, making the Internet easier to use. The RealNames registration and resolution name services platform provides a modern naming layer on top of DNS and is available to all application developers through RealNames open APIs or through the .NET Framework application programming interfaces.

The RealNames Keyword system is integrated into Microsoft Internet Explorer browser software and is available for integration into the Openwave Mobile Access Gateway. Like DNS, RealNames Keywords and name services are available through a worldwide channel of registries and registrars. Founded in 1996, RealNames is based in Redwood City, Calif., with offices in London, Tokyo and Seoul. For more information, please enter Keyword: RealNames to visit our Web site.

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