Microsoft Announces More Than 140 Adapters for BizTalk Server 2000

REDMOND, Wash., Nov. 8, 2001 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that there are more than 140 adapters available for Microsoft® BizTalk™
Server 2000 that connect to more than 70 applications and technologies. By January the number of adapters will reach at least 160, the company said. Leading adapter vendors Actional Corp., iWay Software, Pixel USA Inc., RioLabs Inc. and Taviz Technology Inc. created these adapters for BizTalk Server 2000, allowing customers to more easily connect to disparate technologies and applications from companies such as Oracle Corp., PeopleSoft Inc., SAP AG and Siebel Systems Inc. Microsoft also is developing its own adapters for SAP and IBM MQSeries that will be available by the end of the year.

These adapter solutions offer out-of-the-box connectivity from BizTalk Server to the most commonly used technologies and applications, allowing customers to more quickly build adapters and therefore speed up the implementation of their integration solution. Based on XML and SOAP, BizTalk Server 2000 unites enterprise application integration (EAI), business-to-business integration and business process automation technology to allow companies to easily orchestrate XML Web services and rapidly build dynamic business processes that span applications, platforms and businesses.

“Microsoft chose to work with multiple vendors on the development of BizTalk Server adapters in order to allow customers to choose from a number of adapters, ensuring they will find the right ones to meet their specific needs,”
said Eric Swift, lead product manager of BizTalk Server Adapter and Partner Strategy at Microsoft.
“Already there are 140 adapters available and more in the works. These adapters allow customers to implement their integration solutions with even more speed and ease, since the adapters they need are available out of the box.”

Seamless Integration Between BizTalk Server and Adapters

All the adapter vendors have worked closely with Microsoft to ensure that the adapters seamlessly connect to BizTalk Server 2000. The result is one of the largest libraries of adapters in the industry and one whose growth parallels the rapid adoption of BizTalk Server 2000.

“RioLabs has configured and released BizTalk Server adapters for more than 25 applications and technologies, which have been successfully deployed at multiple joint customers,”
said Bob Hale, CEO of RioLabs.
“Because the RioTrade framework is based on .NET and SOAP, ERP and legacy systems are easily Web Service-enabled.”

“The Taviz adapter offering allows companies to automate the development of intelligent adapters and connectors in the connectivity layer,”
said Cheryl Traverse, president and CEO of Taviz.
“This provides customers with a quick and simple way to build adapters, and ensures an easy way to maintain their enterprise application integration efforts long-term.”

“iWay Software offers a universal adapter suite that brings over 140 widely disparate systems into Microsoft’s BizTalk Server architecture,”
said John Senor, president of iWay Software.
“Companies with packaged applications, complex transaction systems, or legacy data don’t have to worry about whether or not BizTalk Server can interoperate with all of their existing systems. We make it easy for customers to develop their solutions very rapidly and with less stringent skill requirements.”

Companies Can Focus on Their Business

It takes a lot of time and resources for companies to build their own adapters, which most companies cannot afford right now. Yet they need full use of their legacy systems, and the best way to get it is to integrate legacy data with both internal and external applications. Prebuilt adapters reduce the problems companies run into when they are integrating these legacy systems and allow them to spend more time focusing on their business.

“Custom coding adapters is a very time-consuming endeavor that most companies just don’t have time for,”
said John Orcutt, CEO of Actional.
“Actional’s BizTalk Server adapters are a strong complement to the BizTalk Server product. Actional’s BizTalk Server adapters fit seamlessly with BizTalk Server, enabling Microsoft’s customers to focus on their business while benefiting from performance and manageability of the resulting solutions. Our fast, easy-to-use connectivity offers an excellent solution for customers’ e-business needs.”

In today’s market, it is imperative that companies get as much use from their legacy systems as possible. XML-enabling these systems
lets them to do just that by allowing companies to easily move their business onto the Internet or integrate their existing systems into newer enterprise applications,”
said Francis Carden, CEO of Pixel.
“Pixel’s BizTalk Server adapters allow companies to unlock data and business logic for virtually any green-screen application to create a seamless information flow within the enterprise and across the Internet.”

Wide Range of BizTalk Server Adapters

BizTalk Server adapters are available for the most commonly used enterprise applications and technologies, including the following:

  • Oracle e-business: adapters by iWay, RioLabs and Taviz

  • PeopleSoft: adapters by Actional, iWay and Taviz

  • Siebel: adapters by Actional, iWay, Siebel Systems and Taviz

  • SAP: adapters by Actional, iWay, RioLabs and Taviz

  • CORBA: adapter by Actional

  • J2EE: adapter by Actional

A complete list of ready-made adapters can be found at . More information on the adapters offered by each vendor can be found on the following Web sites:

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