Microsoft and Softricity Announce Agreement To Manage Existing Windows-Based Applications With Web Services

REDMOND, Wash., and BOSTON, May 28, 2002 — Microsoft Corp. and Softricity Inc., innovators in powering software services, today announced an agreement to promote a complementary solution that allows enterprise companies to improve IT productivity by managing existing Microsoft® Windows® based applications as XML Web services over corporate networks.

Softricity’s SoftGrid (TM) platform enables applications to be delivered as network services, which reduces the time, complexity and cost associated with providing access to applications across an enterprise. Microsoft .NET connected technologies will enhance the SoftGrid platform with automated and time-saving features such as application discovery and provisioning, and user authentication through Microsoft Passport to applications outside the firewall. With Microsoft .NET Alerts, IT administrators can automatically send messages to clients when a new application service has been added, updated or terminated. Finally, SoftGrid’s integration with Microsoft SQL Server (TM) and Microsoft BizTalk®
Server software products will allow IT administrators to gather and review real-time information about application performance and usage.

“Softricity provides a tangible illustration of the technical and business benefits of .NET XML Web services and is a great example of partners realizing improved business agility with .NET,” said Sanjay Parthasarathy, vice president of the U.S. .NET Platform Strategy Group at Microsoft. “With its ability to manage Windows applications as XML Web services, SoftGrid allows our global enterprise customers to take advantage of Microsoft .NET technologies to build a more flexible and agile solution for all their existing and next-generation enterprise applications and services.”

The SoftGrid Platform uses an innovative technology in which small portions of the application code are delivered over the network as needed to the destination Windows- or Terminal Server-based PC. The application then runs within a protected barrier, called SystemGuard (TM) , which enables it to be executed without the entire software package being fully installed.

The protective barrier of SystemGuard allows applications that would normally conflict with each other to run at the same time without conflict. In addition, SystemGuard enables multiple versions of applications that have not been designed to run in a multisession environment to run at the same time on the same server.

In particular, the SoftGrid Platform provides useful benefits for users and administrators of Windows Terminal Server farms, or clusters. Terminal Server users, who may be connecting over low-bandwidth connections from almost any device, can safely install and run approved applications on demand on any member of the Terminal Server farm, dramatically reducing the overhead required to manage applications on the farm. Furthermore, if an application is no longer used on a particular installation of Terminal Server, it is automatically removed from the SystemGuard cache.

“Softricity’s vision and mission has been to manage software as an XML Web service, making it easier for the enterprise to take advantage of network infrastructure to deploy and manage applications in a more cost-effective manner,” said Harry Ruda, CEO of Softricity. “Softricity’s SoftGrid platform and Microsoft .NET technologies lay the groundwork for a model whereby business and IT administrators can transform their applications into on-demand services that directly extend business value to enterprise customers and partners.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Softricity and Microsoft will coordinate their development, sales and marketing efforts to create rich and robust .NET-based business solutions for enterprise customers. In addition, the agreement provides for the deployment of resources from both companies to offer the tools, consulting and support required for enterprises to maximize their ability to provide enterprise applications online.

More information about the agreement between Microsoft and Softricity is available in the “Softricity and .NET: Delivering Enterprise Applications as Web Services” white paper, which can be downloaded from

About Softricity

Softricity Inc. develops products that allow its enterprise customers to reduce the cost of application administration and realize significant returns on their investment by enabling applications to be delivered as network services to thousands of computers from a single server. The company’s flagship product, the Softricity SoftGrid Platform 2.0, eliminates the need for installing and updating computers on a machine-by-machine basis, simplifying the management and administration of Windows desktops and Windows Terminal Server. Softricity has a multiyear Strategic Alliance with Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq “MSFT”), is a Microsoft Terminal Services Industry Partner and is a Premier Citrix (Nasdaq “CTXS”) Business Alliance Member. More information can be found by visiting the Softricity Web site at

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