Broad Industry Support for Microsoft Move to Expanded IP Access

Broad Industry Support for Microsoft Move to Expanded IP Access

REDMOND, Wash., Dec. 3, 2003 — Microsoft today announced an updated intellectual property (IP) policy that clearly articulates the company’s position on the licensing of IP. The revised policy makes more of the results of Microsoft’s research and development (R & D) efforts available under terms Microsoft believes are commercially reasonable. Members of the broader IT community, including Microsoft’s customers and partners, have responded favorably to the announcement by showing support for further development of the overall IP marketplace:

Kevin Rivette, author,
Rembrandts in the Attic:

“I have watched and encouraged many high-tech companies to move to an out licensing model as part of the IP management. It is inherently pro-competitive and spreads technology and ideas throughout the ecosystem. This announcement is good for Microsoft and food for the IT industry at large.”

Boz Elloy, Senior Vice President of Software Products, Borland:

“Intellectual Property is the foundation of the software industry. Borland has worked hard to provide the third-party community with access to our research and development through our IP. Over the past 20 years, Borland has forged licensing technology arrangements with leading companies such as Microsoft to drive further innovation of technologies for our customers. We believe Microsoft’s plan to open up more of its IP portfolio and to streamline their current licensing model will help drive the cycle of innovation further.”

Mike Kwatinetz, founding general partner, Azure Capital Partners: “Microsoft’s commitment to software R & D has resulted in a strong intellectual property portfolio. By opening this portfolio for licensing, Microsoft is saying, We will let you leverage this R & D so you can explore new product opportunities.’ That will be an interesting proposition for many existing IT businesses and could help start-ups achieve an accelerated time to market.”

Judy Lin, executive vice president and general manager, VeriSign Security Services:

VeriSign applauds Microsoft’s continued commitment to standards related efforts. Our two companies have collaborated extensively on the IP licensing terms related to the royalty-free WS-Security standard, which has

gained significant industry support. We anticipate many more opportunities to work together closely on similar efforts in the future.”

Greg Lawless, CEO, Orbiscom Ltd.:

Orbiscom has built a business based in part on the patented innovations included in the e-commerce solutions we provide to banks and other financial institutions.

Orbiscom offers leading-edge controlled payment number solutions based on our own existing extensive international patent portfolio, and has benefited from the opportunity to license Microsoft’s patented technology to further enhance the value of our products. We value our relationship with Microsoft and as a small software business we have benefited from the very pragmatic approach they have adopted

in our commercial day-to-day workings.”

Roland Louski, Vice President, Legal Practices, Info2clear-SecureAttachment S.A.:

“Info2clear is a SME that has invested in its IP assets in order to benefit from patent protection to be cross-licensed with potential partners.

Farshid Sabet, Director of OEM Wireless Computing Products Marketing, SanDisk:

“SanDisk looks forward to participating in Microsoft’s FAT File System licensing program. As one of the largest flash data storage card products manufacturers in the world, SanDisk plans to offer flash cards and Software Development Tool Kits based on Microsoft FAT File System specification. This will result in greater compatibility and interoperability between various consumer electronic device and flash cards. Ultimately consumers will benefit from this collaboration.”

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