Microsoft Furthers Its Telco 2.0 Vision at NXTcomm 2007

CHICAGO — June 18, 2007 — This week at NXTcomm 2007, Microsoft Corp. will demonstrate how it helps telecommunications providers make the transition to Telco 2.0, where traditional telecommunications offerings meld with technologies from the Web 2.0 world to form a nearly endless range of innovative new services. Through its exhibit and participation in the conference program at NXTcomm, Microsoft will highlight three components critical to making Telco 2.0 a reality: screens, services and service delivery. Solutions and products featured at the show will include Microsoft® Mediaroom, the latest update to the company’s award-winning Microsoft TV Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) Edition software platform, Microsoft Windows Mobile®, Microsoft Solution for Enhanced VoIP Services, Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration, Hosted Microsoft Dynamics™ for CRM solution, Microsoft Solution for Managed PC, Microsoft Connected Services Framework and Microsoft Connected Services Sandbox.

“NXTcomm provides a great venue to see firsthand the strides being made by vendors and carriers in developing and delivering industry-changing services,” said Michael O’Hara, general manager for the Communications Sector at Microsoft. “From the Microsoft perspective, this week marks two significant milestones with the launch of Microsoft Mediaroom, the latest version of our IPTV software platform and the first public demonstration of managed network ‘mashups’ from our Connected Services Sandbox program. We believe our wide range of solutions and products will help deliver the promise of Telco 2.0, enabling telecommunications providers to offer new services that allow them to attract new customers, reduce churn and drive new revenue streams.”

Microsoft TV Debuts Microsoft Mediaroom

Earlier today, Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft Mediaroom, the latest update to its IPTV software platform, featuring several new multimedia capabilities such as in-home personal music and photo sharing, dynamic MultiView (multiple picture-in-picture), Multimedia Application Environment that enables interactive services and advanced applications, and support for digital terrestrial television (DTT). Microsoft also introduced the Microsoft Mediaroom Application Development toolkit, which gives service providers and third-party developers tools to create compelling, revenue-generating TV-based applications that run on the Mediaroom platform.

The renaming of the IPTV platform to Microsoft Mediaroom better reflects the broader set of new connected entertainment experiences made possible today and the types of experiences anticipated in the future. In addition, the Microsoft Mediaroom name and identity are designed to be used by service providers as an ingredient brand to create a powerful competitive differentiator to support their consumer marketing activities.

Results from Microsoft Connected Services Sandbox

Microsoft also announced key results from its Connected Services Sandbox, an initiative to help promote the Telco 2.0 vision. The winner of NXTcomm’s 2007 Eos Excellence of Achievement Award for Best Strategic Support, the Connected Services Sandbox encourages independent software vendors, systems integrators and developers to collaborate with leading telecommunications providers in the development of managed network mashups.

Recent successes of the Connected Services Sandbox include the creation of more than 120 service mashups, winning designs from the first of several developer competitions, and the addition of several new participants. A number of the new service combinations created in the Connected Services Sandbox will be demonstrated in Microsoft’s exhibit at NXTcomm.

Additional Microsoft Activities at NXTcomm

Microsoft will also highlight its vision for the telecommunication industry through participation in the following speaking sessions and panels:

Monday, June 18

  • 1 p.m. — Digital Hollywood Conference, “Implication of Connected TV and Set-Top Device, Service and Software Innovation — How Entertainment Enhancement Drives Avenues for Subscriber and Revenue Expansion,” Joe Seidel, director, partner ecosystem team, Microsoft TV

  • 2:45 p.m. — IEC Communications Forum, “Connected Home … Connected Services … Connected Entertainment,” Christine Heckart, general manager of worldwide marketing, Microsoft TV

  • 3 p.m. — Digital Hollywood Conference, “Marketing Video to the Consumer: The Challenge of the Upgraded Customer Relationship — Telco TV, IPTV, HDTV and Broadband TV,” Ed Graczyk, director, marketing and communications, Microsoft TV

Tuesday, June 19

  • 12:15 p.m. — Digital Hollywood Conference, “Television 2.0 — The New Customer and Personalized Content Experience,” Ed Graczyk, director, marketing and communications, Microsoft TV

  • 12:45 p.m. — ATIS TechThink Technology Conference, “The IMS Mind Bender Session: The Power of Intelligent Networking: How IMS Will Further Revolutionize Content and Entertainment Delivery,” Michel Burger, chief technical officer, Microsoft Communications Sector

  • 2 p.m. — Digital Hollywood Conference, “SuperSession Roundtable: Future of the Industry,” Enrique Rodriguez, corporate vice president, Microsoft TV

  • 2 p.m. — Digital Hollywood Conference, “The NexGen Entertainment Home Experience — From the Smart and Connected TV to the PVR, Set-Top and PC Experience,” Ben Huang, director of product management, Microsoft TV

  • 2:30 p.m. — Stifel Nicolaus Investor Conference, “Telecom’s Video Strategies,” Christine Heckart, general manager of worldwide marketing, Microsoft TV

  • 3 p.m. — Telecommunications magazine IP Video Village panel, “Efficiently Monetizing New Services with SDPs,” Michel Burger, chief technical officer, Microsoft Communications Sector

Wednesday, June 20

  • 10:30 a.m. — ATIS TechThink Technology Conference, “The Broadband Mind Bender Session — The Final Frontier: What to Do With All That Fiber to the X?” Christine Heckart, general manager of worldwide marketing, Microsoft TV

  • 2 p.m. — Digital Hollywood Conference, “Personalized TV: Exploring the True Power of IPTV,” Ed Graczyk, director, marketing and communications, Microsoft TV

  • 3:45 p.m. — Digital Hollywood Conference, “VOD, IPTV, PVR and DVR TV — Unlimited Choice TV: Next-Gen TV Experience,” Sal Arora, senior director of product management, Microsoft TV

Attendees can obtain additional information by visiting Microsoft Booth 3531 or the Microsoft Connected Services Sandbox Booth 5840 at NXTcomm.

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