Armored Car Company Chooses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Secure Increased Sales Effectiveness

REDMOND, Wash. — June 25, 2008 — Microsoft Corp. today announced that Dunbar Armored, the largest independently owned American armored car company, has selected Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 to provide its sales teams with all prospect and customer information from an integrated database. Dunbar, headquartered in Hunt Valley, Md., will bring together data from its 80 facilities and 5,200 employees across the United States. In addition to its armored car operations, Dunbar also provides cash vault and cash management services.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides powerful, role-based customer relationship management capabilities. Dunbar will replace its current system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which will be the repository for all the company’s prospect information. The Microsoft solution will be integrated with Dunbar’s legacy software, which houses current customer information, routing programs and other modules. Previously, Dunbar staff members needed to bridge the gap between prospect information and customer information with spreadsheets and a number of manual processes. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is expected to automate the process, eliminating manual operations and making all relative data available to Dunbar teams across the nation.

“We will use Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a sales force automation tool,” said Seth McElroy, vice president for marketing and sales administration for Dunbar. “When a prospect converts to a win, the technology will feed that information directly into our customer data with no additional manual keying or replication of data entry.

“One of the main reasons for choosing the Microsoft solution was its integration into and synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, as well as the ability to customize the application,” McElroy said. “We had migrated all of our sales team members to Outlook for e-mail and appointments 18 months ago, so adding a system that’s similar in look and feel will speed adoption.”

McElroy also cited Microsoft’s reputation in the industry, his company’s familiarity with Microsoft Office applications and a desire for an on-premise (rather than Web-hosted) solution as factors in the decision.

As its technology partner, Dunbar chose Ascentium Corp., a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a 2008 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of the Year finalist and the Overall Excellence winner of the 2008 Customer Excellence Awards. Ascentium’s Baltimore office will lead the engagement, and it had recommended Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the right fit for Dunbar.

With Ascentium, Dunbar will implement the sales force automation capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “Seventy-four of our 80 offices have sales force teams that will tap into the integrated database,” McElroy said. “Our Microsoft technology also will promote cross-selling. For example, when a franchise location in one geography chooses our services, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will alert and share information with a Dunbar office in another part of the country that may apply that knowledge to similar franchise outlets in its locality.”

Dunbar expects to gain a number of benefits from the new processes, integration and automation afforded by Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Increased sales effectiveness. Dunbar anticipates that the administrative load on its teams will be reduced with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, providing them more selling time and resulting in more revenue and more customer attention, which should increase retention. Many of the administrative functions now will be handled automatically within the integrated database, which is expected to eliminate the manual processes and spreadsheets previously used.

  • Cost savings. Internal labor costs are expected to be lower with elimination of the need for multiple entries of data. Dunbar is examining whether the company’s universal access to integrated data will increase the return on investment of travel costs accrued by sales teams traveling for face-to-face meetings.

  • Improved reporting. The Microsoft technology will allow Dunbar to have a dashboard of its field activities, showing its pipeline, sales by services and other indicators in real time. It also enables salespeople to pull their own reports, rather than requesting them from headquarters, and pinpoint prospects that may be easily accessible on their routes.

  • Time savings. Salespeople for Dunbar will save time because they can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for booking and recording appointments and tasks directly, rather than sending a spreadsheet to the headquarters at the end of each week to advise management of each individual’s activity. At headquarters, management no longer will need to spend hours rolling up data from the company’s eight regions into an aggregate snapshot. With a dashboard, all the data will be available in real time, with activity indicated by individual and service line.

  • Better data accuracy. Microsoft Dynamics CRM aggregates and offers up all customer and prospect data automatically, doing away with the need for multiple people to send data to headquarters or to recompile that data into reports. In addition, the originators and users of the data — the members of the sales force — are the ones who will be entering it, further improving its accuracy. Data will be much timelier with the integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology than with the previous system, and management will have visibility into the system.

  • Improvement in revenue. The company will use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide new cross-selling opportunities. For instance, the salesperson for a major retailer whose deposits are transported by Dunbar Armored can be linked with salespeople for a major bank where Dunbar provides cash vault services, bringing those relationships together and providing multiple revenue streams.

  • Support for growth. By bringing together information from multiple offices, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will serve as a tool to help Dunbar determine where it should open new offices to serve a growing account base.

  • Integration throughout the company. The company’s marketing team will be tied into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database so that it can create e-mail campaigns for sales staff and mine the data for marketing information. For the first time, the client services team will be able to place its notes regarding resolution of issues directly on the same system with other customer information that is accessible to the field sales team.

  • IT support and management. By automating reports and automatically moving information to the customer database when prospects turn into wins, Microsoft Dynamics saves time for the IT team. Further, with data feeding directly into CRM initially, the IT staff will avoid the considerable time devoted to a steep learning curve for users, troubleshooting and managing errors.

“We believe Microsoft Dynamics CRM can make a sales force far more efficient than less-integrated systems do,” said Michael Park, corporate vice president for Microsoft’s U.S. Dynamics business. “By effectively automating the sales and customer relationship processes, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can expose new opportunities for cross-selling, customer-service improvements and marketing that may not have been apparent with stand-alone or manual systems.”

About Dunbar

The Dunbar Companies, America’s largest independent, 100% American-owned, full-service security organization is composed of six operating companies, including Dunbar Armored — America’s largest independent armored transportation carrier serving major retailers, financial institutions and government entities nationwide; Dunbar Cash Vault Services — state-of-the-art money rooms providing a complete line of cash management services to major banks and retailers; Dunbar Global Logistics — providing secure transportation solutions for the movement of vulnerable cargo worldwide; Dunbar BankPak — designer and distributor of the world’s finest security containers; Dunbar Guard Services — supplier of professionally trained, uniformed guards and Dunbar Security Systems — designer and installer of electronic alarm and 24-hour monitoring systems supported by a UL®-approved central station.

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