What Is Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s #1 Competitive Statistic?

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Steve Ballmer Highlights Opportunity in Asia

Microsoft CEO met with developers, customers, partners, students and employees during a recent tour of Asia. Ballmer told developers: “If there was one profession, just one profession that has the greatest opportunities in the world in the year 2012, that profession is software development.”

Helping Minority Youth Achieve Digital Dreams

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer joins Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League, to announce a US$5 million software grant to the Urban League at Microsoft’s 16th-annual Blacks at Microsoft Minority Student Day, where students can take first steps on technology career paths.

Microsoft to Launch Pocket PC 2002

Media alert: Microsoft Corp. and industry partners will launch Microsoft Windows®Powered Pocket PC Software and introduce Pocket PC 2002 devices for widespread retail availability.