Helping Developers Find the Right Pieces

Ever run into that issue?  The one where you build your latest masterpiece, but there’s one last piece that doesn’t quite fit?

To ensure situations like this don’t happen when building a device with Windows Embedded Standard 7, Microsoft created the Compatible Applications website for developers.  Think of it as a portal that brings you to a huge library of applications compatible with Windows Embedded Standard 7 for you to download or learn more about – no more wondering if all the pieces will fit and work together.

Most applications that run on Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP will run on Windows Embedded Standard 7 – that is as long as all the needed pieces for the application to install and run are present in the image. In the past, most developers may have been utilizing a trial and error method to understand the right dependant components, which couldn’t have been much fun.

The Compatible Applications website will help you find those missing pieces.

Microsoft created this portal to help developers create an image that installs and runs common embedded applications on Windows Embedded Standard 7.  The templates included on the Compatible Applications website allow an OEM developer to include it in the device image to ensure it functions properly when the application is installed and run.

“The whole team is really excited with this vast library we were able to create so developers have these resources at their fingertips,” said JT Kimbell, Program Manager for Windows Embedded.  “The Windows Embedded Standard 7 Compatible Applications website has been available for about two months, and early word from developers has been really positive.”

From an application developer standpoint, the Compatible Applications website has a number of notable benefits, including the ability to showcase their support for Windows Embedded Standard 7 and the huge number of devices it helps bring to live. Also, it makes the application product support easier by ensuring the necessary set of pieces required for the application is included.

Want more information on the new Windows Embedded Standard 7 Compatible Applications website?  Be sure to check this blog post with additional details.

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