Helping to Keep Factories in Line and Functional

REDMOND, Wash. — Oct. 26, 2010 — Walking around an automotive plant floor you’ll see a variety of interactions occurring simultaneously: car frames being built, doors being attached and gas tanks being bolted into place. With the complexity of how each machine operates with the other, it’s pretty amazing to think about how a platform like Windows Embedded Server helps to keep everything moving fluidly.

Windows Embedded Server allows industrial manufacturing companies to control on-site equipment — including measurement and parameter adjustment. Windows Embedded Server also helps to improve network reliability, security and efficiency in environments where any amount of downtime could cause major setbacks.

Windows Embedded Server is able to provide tight interconnectivity between the plant floor and the backend IT infrastructure. In addition, Windows Embedded Server offers several features for industrial server appliances such as easy maintenance and broad compatibility with existing software.

“Windows Embedded Server supports a wide range of scenarios for various factory settings, including industrial manufacturing,” said Venu Subramanyam, senior product manager for Windows Embedded Server. “The platform also allows for effective monitoring and control of the plant floor, and can easily integrate with the IT infrastructure to operate flexibly and reliably.”

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Next up, we’ll be sharing a feature about how Windows Embedded Server assists with communication, so keep an eye out! Also, check out the @msftweb Twitter handle for the latest updates from the Windows Embedded team.

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