IT Solutions Can Have You Seeing Green

REDMOND, Wash. — March 10, 2011 — Today many companies promote products and services that boast environmental consciousness — from solar-powered housing and electric cars to even cardboardless toilet paper rolls. In a world where green is an imperative, environmentalism has moved well beyond backyard composts and car emissions to a cost-conscious core business practice that is here to stay.

Windows Embedded platforms for thin clients help enterprises go green.

Green IT business practices are noticed, appreciated and attractive for enterprises and the planet. Furthermore, simple actions

can result in huge cost savings. Shutting down a personal computer every night, with one click, saves on average as much as $90 a year, and when applied to businesses this savings skyrockets. In a green-driven society enterprises have several choices for going green in IT. The latest computing technologies are cost-effective, promote environmental efficiency, require little time to implement and are easy to use. For example, thin-client devices are one way that companies are achieving green in the IT datacenter.

“Thanks to smart power management features that improve central processing unit idle time, thin-client devices reduce power consumption and energy costs,” stated Alexa Barron, product manager for Windows Embedded Standard and Thin Clients at Microsoft. “Taking advantage of the latest thin-client technology from Windows Embedded is an immediate and simple way to be more energy conscious while also being cost-effective and productive.”

Microsoft plays a key role in thin-client computing for green IT. The latest Windows Embedded platforms, including Windows Embedded Standard 7, provide original equipment manufacturers with the tools to create low footprint thin-client devices and bring them to market, quickly and easily. A recent white paper from Windows Embedded, Enabling Green IT with Windows Embedded Thin Clients, highlights how Microsoft is creating technologies that continue to support enterprises’ unique environmental goals.

Thin-client devices can have a meaningful impact on organizations in several ways, including their carbon footprint. Did you know…

  • Thin-clients devices need little to no air conditioning, which literally means fewer operating costs.

  • Implementing thin clients that run limited local applications and are network connected can help decrease energy usage and, in turn, lower costs.

  • Thin clients have fewer components; the lack of hard drives leads to less e-waste.

Green is here and has extended beyond the home and vehicle and into the corporate office. With new technologies and the latest products, including thin-client devices, creating an environmentally conscious workplace is achievable without adding costs or reducing performance.

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