Redmond, Wash. — April 14, 2010 — Have you tapped, swiped or scanned something today? If so, chances are you used a point-of-service device (POS), which helps enterprises connect people with information at the point of purchase. From swiping your ATM card to using the self-checkout lane at the grocery store or local movie theater kiosk, embedded technology is the workhorse behind these innovative systems being used in our daily lives.

Baskin-Robbins selects the PAR EverServ® 6000 POS and PAR EverServ® 2000 terminals, both of which run on the Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 platform.

Many device manufactures are turning to Windows Embedded to help create easy to use, intuitive and versatile POS systems. ParTech Inc. (PAR), a leader in embedded device development for more than three decades, is one company that is leveraging the flexibility and rich experiences made possible by Windows Embedded to keep delivering POS devices that improve traffic flow and enhance customer service to its customers.

PAR was recently selected by ice cream purveyor Baskin-Robbins as the exclusive provider of POS systems for the company’s United States standalone franchise network. Baskin-Robbins selected the PAR EverServ® 6000 POS terminals and PAR EverServ® 2000 terminals, both of which run on the Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 platform and are designed with durability, flexibility and performance in mind. The PAR EverServ 2000’s sleek, compact design is ideal for environments where space is a premium, whereas the PAR EverServ 6000 POS terminal is a high performance, rugged and energy-efficient POS terminal.

PAR’s POS solutions will help simplify Baskin-Robbins’ new product rollouts, improve its ability to control and update menus, and enable digital marketing — helping their franchisees deliver the best possible guest experience by streamlining and enhancing their business operations.

“We are pleased to be selected by Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, to help their franchisees deliver the best possible guest experience, engage with guests in new ways, and streamline and enhance their business operations,” said Tim Votaw, senior vice president, PAR, Inc. “We will be working closely with Baskin-Robbins to deliver the benefits of our Boundless Hospitality initiative and its vision for enhancing restaurant operations to better serve a customer base with rapidly changing demand patterns.”

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