The Tech Gifts Every Dad Must Have

REDMOND, Wash. — June 15, 2011 — Hopefully you’re not scrambling for a last-minute Father’s Day gift. But if you are, there are plenty of cool devices running on Microsoft Windows Embedded platforms at your local electronics store (or even in the lot of your local car dealership) that dad will love. While external labels will tell you that these recommendations were produced by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), such as Reycom, 3M, BLUROSSO, Ford, Fiat and others, what you probably didn’t know is that the underlying software system powering these devices is Windows Embedded.

Thumb through the images in the slideshow below for options geared toward the tech-savvy dad. You can also see some of the automobile manufacturers that are currently (or soon will be) featuring Windows Embedded Automotive software as part of their in-vehicle infotainment offerings.

A few weeks ago, the Microsoft News Center featured several of these Windows Embedded-powered devices in a slideshow highlighting a broad range of Microsoft products titled, “Gadgets, Games & More for Dads & Grads.” If you need to keep your options open, be sure to check out that story after reading this one and remember to follow @msftweb for all the latest Windows Embedded news, including partner product releases, platform upgrades, training seminars and much more.

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