Use Kinect to Teach Anatomy? It’s a ‘Mirracle’!

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Say Hello to a ‘Game Changing’ Xbox Experience

Microsoft today rolls out an Xbox LIVE update that empowers people with the ability to control their Xbox by using their voice or hand, something premium movie channel EPIX CEO Mark Greenberg said could be a “game changer” in entertainment.

‘Kinect Effect’ Magic Pushes Beyond the Living Room

In the year since Microsoft launched controller-free Kinect for Xbox 360, the device has taken on a life of its own. First Kinect became the fastest-selling consumer device in history and then it started showing up outside the living room in healthcare, education, and technology.

New Use for Kinect: Teaching Kids in Africa

Microsoft employee Larry Venter, a native South African, had a hunch that Kinect for Xbox 360 could help the children at a rural school in his hometown get excited about learning English and that gaming could help in the fight against widespread illiteracy.