Password Resets TEST

Test 1 …

Test 2 …

Test 3 … and done!

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Microsoft Clarifies Issues on Windows 2000 Test Site

In order to solicit feedback from its beta customers, Microsoft recently put a Windows 2000 test server on the Internet; the company today issued a statement that explains and clarifies several issues with this site.

Softimage Certification Program Gains Momentum

Certifying More Than 15 3-D Graphic Boards and Systems Assures Customers Compatibility Between Hardware and Softimage Products; Broad Range of Hardware on Multiple Platforms Certified for Softimage 3D,Including New Silicon Graphics O2 Desktop Workstation and Windows NT Workstation 4.0

Rational Acquires Visual Test From Microsoft

Visual Test helps developers rapidly create tests for applications of virtually any size, created with any development tool. Microsoft has shipped more than 75,000 licenses of Visual Test since its release in 1992