A peek inside IFA’s technology spectacular

BERLIN — Sept. 5, 2013 — Is necessity the mother of invention, or is it IFA Berlin? For the past 89 years, the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (Berlin Radio Show), today known as IFA, has showcased some of the world’s most amazing technological advances. From early televisions and the cassette tape to the latest phones and tablets of 2013, the technological marvels of the day have long made their worldwide debut on IFA’s hallowed stage.

This year there’s an explosion of devices for connecting, working and playing on hand from major manufacturers. With Windows 8.1 due out this fall and a full year of momentum on the Windows 8 platform, manufacturers are getting more and more creative with stunning designs that take advantage of the platform’s flexibility and rich touch interface to create new, immersive experiences for customers.

If you can’t make it to Berlin this week, never fear. As usual, we’ve got you covered with images of some of the shiniest objects on display at IFA. Click through the slideshow below for a quick tour of the show — this is one you don’t want to miss!

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