Tech: The necessary accessory for New York Fashion Week 2013

REDMOND, Wash. – Sept. 18, 2013 – Digital storytellers go behind-the-scenes to show how technology inspired Cesar Galindo’s spring 2014 collection preview.

During New York Fashion Week 2013, Microsoft’s technology helped one designer make a bold statement with his latest collection. Veteran designer Cesar Galindo looked to Bing, Windows Phone and Surface to help him realize his vision of “going virtual” in both the presentation and production of an installation at Lincoln Center to showcase his spring 2014 collection, CZAR.

Galindo, who has worked with Dolce & Gabbana and designed for Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani, worked with a team of video artists to bring a sense of movement to his presentation using projections. They used Bing satellite images to zoom into Lincoln Center and transition into a 3D experience featuring Galindo’s colorful and ethereal designs.

The team also used Surface tablets to manage the line’s production, organize the show and capture pictures of different models during a casting call. Christine Dente, Galindo’s business partner, talks about how entrepreneurial brands like theirs can compete with the big houses, thanks to Microsoft’s technology.

Galindo talks about how fast his industry is changing because of technology and, more importantly, how he considers it vital that his team uses the latest devices and software to get his clothing into the hands of consumers around the world. We see how he is constantly documenting with his Windows Phone, a Nokia Lumia 1020.

It’s apparent for Galindo and his team that the right technology plays an essential role in making his line stand out.

Watch the full video below to appreciate how technology and fashion come together against the high-energy backdrop of NYFW.

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