Trek Bicycle Corporation Breaking from the Pack with Power BI

Trek Bicycle Corporation is no stranger to the power of technology. As a global company leading the charge in building the best bikes in the world, they’ve consistently leveraged Cloud computing and the full range of Microsoft solutions, including Office 365, Microsoft Azure, SharePoint, Yammer and Dynamics CRM Online, to hone in on the intricacies of their business and solidify growth year after year. When Trek had the opportunity to add Power BI to their toolbox, it was a no-brainer. The first stop: Trek’s Helpdesk, the hub of where employees go to or call to resolve their technology needs.

“What we had before just didn’t work. Our former reporting tool was too confusing and didn’t operate the way we needed it to, so no one used it,” said David Peterson, Enterprise Collaboration Manager at Trek. “Microsoft Power BI has completely changed that – it has given us better insight than we’ve ever had before. We absolutely love it.”

David uses a Microsoft Power BI workbook daily as a way to efficiently manage and track Helpdesk activity and customer service requests, including how many customer “tickets” – customer requests – are open and for how long. The new dashboard feature offers personalized charts and graphs to highlight the data he wants to see, and he can accurately track his team’s time and identify opportunities for change. Before Power BI, he had no way of truly seeing or discerning this information.

“A few months ago, we realized we had an overabundance of tickets from our HR department for the same type of request, which initially had to go through our team,” David explained. “Once we could see how much time was really being spent on this one issue that didn’t require a multi-person process, it was easy to make a change. We trained several people on their team and went from 12-15 hours per month spent on this to zero.”

In addition to these efficiency gains, Power BI has also helped Trek in making guests to their headquarters feel at home.  Power BI gave David insight into the number of requests for Trek guests to have WIFI access; he recently learned the Helpdesk was managing up to 35 requests each week, totaling about four hours per month for a common request that doesn’t require tech support.  David and his team are currently working to add an option for visitors to gain WIFI access via check-in on the Surface Pro 3 stationed in the front lobby.

“It’s a simple request and on a small scale, not a huge deal,” David said. “But day after day, they were really adding up. We didn’t see this until we started tracking everything in Microsoft Power BI.”

With cross-company adoption growing and a demonstrated ROI, Trek is planning to fully integrate Microsoft Power BI and will soon be able to pull customer data directly from Dynamics CRM Online, providing even deeper insight and seamless coordination between systems.

“Insights from Microsoft Power BI have been a game changer for us,” David said. “It has enabled us to be more productive, as well as  better allocate our time and resources –  and when combined with the rest of the Microsoft solutions, its helping Trek break out further from the pack.”


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