Azure: Our AI Platform

How Azure is powering the future of AI

AI is helping organizations solve some of today’s toughest challenges, and businesses are seeking a partner to streamline adoption and rapidly apply intelligence across workloads to improve operations and drive efficiencies.

Since 2016, Microsoft has committed to building Azure into an AI supercomputer for the world, serving as the foundation of our vision to democratize AI as a platform. Through our initial investment and collaboration, Microsoft and OpenAI pushed the frontier of cloud supercomputing technology, announcing our first top-5 supercomputer in 2020 and subsequently constructing multiple AI supercomputing systems at massive scale. OpenAI has used this infrastructure to train its breakthrough models, which are now deployed in Azure to power category-defining AI products like GitHub Copilot, DALL·E 2 and ChatGPT. Today, this Azure infrastructure optimized for large language model training is available via Azure AI supercomputing capabilities in the cloud, This resource provides the combination of GPUs, networking hardware and virtualization software required to deliver the compute needed to power the next wave of AI innovation. Teams across Microsoft and Azure customers around the world are also using this global infrastructure to fine-tune the large AI models for specific use cases from more helpful chatbots to more accurate auto-generating captions. The unique ability of Azure’s AI optimized infrastructure to scale up and scale out makes it ideal for many of today’s AI workloads from AI model training to inference.

Microsoft’s AI platform, Azure AI, has a unique position with best-in-class, enterprise-scale, trusted solutions. Azure AI is the most comprehensive, open and trusted AI platform for the enterprise. Our approach to AI is built on a strong foundation of deep research and we offer customers the same proven Azure AI capabilities that power Xbox, HoloLens, Bing, Teams, and Microsoft 365 to developers and customers, empowering them to achieve more. It’s why Azure AI is used by over 85% of Fortune 100 companies today. Organizations large and small are deploying Azure AI solutions because they can achieve more at scale more easily, with the proper enterprise-level and responsible AI protections from Azure. We’ve designed Azure AI to enable developers, data scientists of all skill levels and even business users to quickly build, deploy and manage intelligent cloud-native apps so the power of AI can be utilized across an organization.

Azure AI helps empower every person in any organization to achieve more with productive, enterprise-scale, secure solutions:

  • Azure Applied AI Services offers specialized AI services to help customers use AI services more easily for time-consuming tasks, including document processing, metric monitoring, enterprise search, video analysis, chat bots and more.
  • Azure Cognitive Services is a comprehensive family of customizable cognitive APIs for vision, speech, language, and decision making.
  • Azure Machine Learning is an end-to-end platform for building, training, and deploying machine learning models at scale, while helping organizations understand, protect, and control data, models and processes.

In Azure, we offer the best tools across the machine learning lifecycle from data preparation to model management. Data scientists and machine learning engineers can use Azure Machine Learning to build, train, deploy and operate large-scale AI models at scale. We’re also scaling AI innovation through Azure OpenAI Service, Azure Cognitive Service for Language and Azure Cognitive Service for Speech — to help developers accelerate time-to-value using pre-built models as well as with customizable models to design AI applications specific to their organizations. With Azure OpenAI Service our goal is to blend the power of OpenAI’s models with the promise of enterprise-grade security, compliance, responsible AI and global availability across regions that developers expect from Microsoft Azure.

Industry partners including Meta, AMD, Hugging Face and OpenAI are choosing Azure to enable AI innovation, while customers including H&R Block, CarMax, Beiersdorf, PwC and Progressive Insurance are using Azure AI to reimagine customer experiences, remove friction in business-critical processes to help end-users and employees focus their time and energy on valuable work.

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