Conclusion Working together to create a cloud for global good

Significant advances in public policy have accompanied every industrial revolution.

From labor laws to education policy, from security standards to privacy regulations, and from universal access to competition policy, each industrial age has seen the emergence of new policy frameworks that balance the opportunities and challenges that are ushered in with any technological leap. This cloud-enabled revolution is no different.

But policy is not the role of governments alone. The development and implementation of new policies requires collective input and action from across the public and private sectors, working in close partnership with civil society and all those who are the most affected by these developments.

If we are to truly build a cloud for global good, it will be essential for governments, citizens, businesses and organizations to work together to create policy frameworks that ensure that no one is left behind and no one is put at risk. We need policies that will guide the development of solutions to solve some of world’s most pressing problems and unleash innovation from individuals and communities across the planet.

At the same time, we must accept that — as was the case with every previous industrial revolution — this digital transformation will come with disruption and dislocation. But with this revolution, we have the opportunity to draw on the lessons of history to guide our response. If we learn from the examples of the past, we can design the policy frameworks needed to help us deliver a new generation of technology innovation that will benefit all.

The digital transformation stories in this book inspire us, illustrating the way in which people are using technology to improve people’s lives and lift communities around the world.

They remind us of the importance of continuing the work of shaping the laws, regulation, policies and practices that will help unlock the potential of cloud-enabled technologies while protecting people against the inevitable challenges that will arise.

If we are to truly build a cloud for global good, it will be essential for governments, citizens, businesses and organizations to work together.

As we have said before, this moment in history demands a framework of laws and regulations created by people represented through their governments that preserves and protects important values and provides fair and equal access to benefits that only a trusted, responsible and inclusive cloud can deliver.

More than ever, we need to work together to achieve this, and we look forward to continuing to engage with policymakers, business owners, educators, citizens, advocates, experts — everyone who has a stake in the outcome — to craft a framework for cloud computing that will help us create a cloud for global good.