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Microsoft On the Issues A Cloud for Global Good for 2018

Keynote Speech A Cloud for Global Good

Chapter 01: The role of policy in delivering a technology revolution for all

Chapter 02: Policy considerations and recommendations

A trusted cloud

Protecting personal privacy

Government access to data

Promoting the free-flow of data

Ensuring secure and reliable infrastructure

Creating a Digital Geneva Convention

Preventing cybercrime

A responsible cloud

Protecting both human rights and public safety

Reducing technology fraud and online exploitation

Promoting environmental sustainability

Amplifying human ingenuity through artificial intelligence

An inclusive cloud

Providing affordable connectivity everywhere

Preparing people for the new world of work

Including people with disabilities

Chapter 03: Digital transformation in action




Public safety

Small and midsized businesses

Farming and agriculture

Financial services

Manufacturing and industry

Nonprofit organizations

Chapter 04: Microsoft’s commitment to a trusted, responsible, and inclusive cloud

A trusted cloud





A responsible cloud

Protecting our customers

Respecting human rights

Environmental sustainability

An inclusive cloud

Affordable and reliable access

Digital literacy and computing skills

Including people with disabilities

Supporting small businesses

Conclusion: Working together to create a cloud for global good

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