Microsoft is partnering with Exploris to bring health diagnostic to a new level

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Microsoft Switzerland is partnering with Swiss start-up Exploris, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Exploris provides Artificial Intelligence based diagnostic and therapeutic lab tests, allowing for higher precision of results and increased convenience and safety for patients.

Exploris is one of the first companies having Artificial Intelligence (AI) based diagnostic and therapeutic solutions that have passed clinical studies. Their Cardio Explorer is a non-invasive AI based eDiagnostic test that timely detects patients with stenosis from coronary artery disease, the cause of heart attacks. Cardio Explorer has been developed together with Prof. Dr. Zellweger, from University hospital Basel and validated in three clinical studies in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.

Marianne Janik, CEO of Microsoft Switzerland, is delighted about the partnership: “The eDiagnostic services of Exploris will transform the existing processes in today’s medical care for the benefit of patients. The team’s close collaboration with senior practitioners in leading hospitals is impressive and really reflects our culture of co-creation.”

Microsoft will deliver its full range of cloud solutions, including Microsoft Azure. Exploris will use the intelligent capabilities of the platform to scale the services and ensure privacy and security of patient data.

For Marianne Janik, the success of Exploris is a confirmation that the Swiss start-up scene is very much alive and well and that it can’t shy away from international comparison due to Switzerlands’ excellent education, high quality standards and very good technical infrastructure. “The work of Exploris clearly shows that Swiss start-ups are not only very successful in developing innovative products and services that have the potential to radically change industries but can also offer concrete solutions to the great challenges facing mankind. These are precisely the pioneers and industry leaders of tomorrow that we want to empower with our technology to be successful.”

Peter Ruff, founder and CEO of Exploris, emphasizes that “pioneering health provision with innovative AI solutions requires a comprehensive set cloud solutions, available in different countries worldwide.” In health care, high requirements apply, says Peter Ruff: “Privacy and security of data is key for patients and doctors acceptance. Health regulation often rules local storage of patient data. Availability 24/7 and efficient deployment of e-health solutions is important. Partnering with Microsoft allows us to meet these requirements and to benefit from a worldwide infrastructure and support for implementation of our solutions.”

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