New Azure services available in the Swiss Microsoft Cloud

The range of Azure services available from Microsoft data centers in Switzerland will be continuously expanded as planned. Since the launch of the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland at the end of August, a large number of additional services have been launched, including Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure App Services and Azure Database for PostgreSQL. First customers and partners are already successfully using these services.

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The range of Azure services available for the launch of the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland was already substantial. Now the existing offering has been significantly expanded. Customers now have access to Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure App Services (Windows variants), Azure Functions, SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Firewall, Log Analytics, Event Grid and Azure Database for PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB. In addition, the preview of Azure Dedicated Host is also available via the Swiss data centers. The range of Azure services will be continuously expanded in the future.

Customers and partners are already using the new services
Primo Amrein, as Cloud Lead at Microsoft Switzerland responsible for the introduction and expansion of the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland, comments: «As with the initial launch, we are proud that several customers and partners already are using the new services in the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland. The range of customers from the financial services industry and the public sector, as well as partners, ISVs and start-ups, underlines our focus on offering Microsoft Cloud Services to Swiss companies of all sizes».

Azure Kubernetes Service as an important accelerator of transformation
There is a great demand for the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). The fully managed Azure Kubernetes Service simplifies the deployment and management of container-based applications. AKS enables organizations to unify their development and operations teams on a single platform to quickly and reliably build, deploy and scale applications.

“AKS in the Swiss Azure Cloud works like rocket fuel for our product stack”, says Oliver Brupbacher, CTO and co-founder of Appway, a solution provider for banks and wealth managers. “At Appway, we care deeply about time-to-market for our clients, and minimizing the distance between technology and value. Speed, flexibility, and automation – Azure Kubernetes Service enables us to bring these capabilities to life at the foundation of our offering, combined with minimal overhead thanks to AKS being a managed service. We’re excited to adopt AKS and share its benefits with our clients.”

dacadoo is a leading mobile health platform. As a Swiss company, it is important for us to serve our international customers meeting Swiss data security standards”, states Paul Frey, CIO of dacadoo. “With a rapid growth in our user base, we benefit from a cloud-based approach for scalability. Microsoft Azure is offering a highly interesting solution thanks to its compliance standards and its global reach. Our journey to the cloud started two years ago and we are happy to be one of the first customers deploying Azure Kubernetes in the Swiss Azure datacenter.”

Complete Web Applications with Azure App Services
The Azure App Services platform is also very popular. With Azure App Services, complete web applications can be deployed in minutes, with easy configuration settings for the app owner. The powerful platform for complete application building and management provides Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, custom domains, automatic scaling, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and more. Azure App Services manages the infrastructure, automates the maintenance of physical hardware, patches security vulnerabilities, and continuously updates the underlying operating system.

One of the first companies using Azure App Services from the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland is additiv AG, a provider of solutions for the financial industry. Michael Stemmle, CEO of additiv AG, says: “additiv welcomes the introduction of Azure App Services in Switzerland. With this, we can provide our Digital Finance Suite solution as an end-to-end SaaS platform also out of the Swiss datacenters. Microsoft Azure allows us to focus on business innovation and adding real value for our clients. It gives us the agility and speed for innovative solutions while enhancing performance and security. “

Michael Wagner, Head of Operations of Quartal Financial Solutions AG, a market leading provider of fee and commission management as well as revenue and expense lifecycle management software for the financial and insurance industry, says: “With the launch of Azure App Service in Switzerland’s Azure data centers, Quartal Financial Solutions can further extend its service offering to Swiss customers while leveraging the fully managed application service providing enterprise-grade performance, security and compliance from Swiss data centers. Quartal has invested heavily and will further invest into optimizing its products for the Microsoft Azure Cloud to provide customers with modern, scalable and resilient solutions for the Financial Services Industry.”

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