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Episode 27: Otakar Tomes from Advellence
Episode 26: Ogi Stanovcic from Open Systems
Episode 25: Gerald Klump from Trivadis
Episode 24: Alexander Klink and Ragnar Heil from Quest
Episode 23: Paul Hanley from Frank Group
Episode 22: Aaron Whitehouse from Canonical (Ubuntu)
Episode 21: Pascal Müller and Luis Delgado from Option 4.0
Episode 20: Manos Perakakis from Mentionlytics
Episode 19: Marcin Pietrzyk from Unit8
Episode 18: Leonard Bodmer from Red Hat
Episode 17: Nicolas Durville from Zühlke Group
Episode 16: Daniel Ledermann from INNOArchitects
Episode 15: Patrick Lemoine from o9 Solutions
Episode 14: Vincenzo Boesch from ITCP
Episode 13: Andreas Schindler from Avanade
Episode 12: Nicola Moresi from
Episode 11: Samuel Rentsch from IT-Logix
Episode 10: Marco Rast from Vision Inside
Episode 9: Michael Kozlowski from SoftwareONE
Episode 8: Reto Meneghini from MondayCoffee
Episode 7: Sonja Meindl from Check Point
Episode 6: X-Mas Edition
Episode 5: Darien Šobar from ASC Technologies
Episode 4: Anees Qureshi from One Step Beyond
Episode 3: Mirko Colemberg from baseVISION 
Episode 2: Michael Gubelmann from Citrix
Episode 1: Mark Schuster from UiPath

It’s showtime! Thomas Winter, Microsoft Switzerland Partner Lead, and Philippe Maurrasse, Microsoft Switzerland Channel Sales Lead, invite you to listen to their new podcast series “The Digitizer”. In each episode, the two welcome a Microsoft partner with whom they deep dive into their offering and learn how the shared value proposition benefits customers.

Microsoft loves its partners, as they are one of the key factors in creating value for our customers. If you want to get a first hand impression of our diverse partner landscape and learn how these partnerships can benefit your business, you need to listen to this new biweekly podcast show where Thomas Winter and Philippe Maurrasse interview a new Microsoft Switzerland partner in each episode. The Digitizer offers insights that go beyond the flashy marketing and PR material and really deep dive into the individual stories and thoughts of our partners.

Digitizer 2

The first episode with Mark Schuster from UiPath is now live! You can listen to The Digitizer on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

Please make sure you tune in, subscribe and spread the word!

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