“Health is the most important good of all”


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For Michael Hansen, CEO of the Swiss Life Network, health is the most precious gift we humans hold in life. That is why the partnership with dacadoo, a leading provider of technology solutions for digital health engagement and health risk quantification, is not only a great business opportunity for Swiss Life and its global network partners. For Michael Hansen, this is also a very personal matter, that is dear to his heart.

“Employee health and wellbeing are top priorities for most organizations these days,” says Michael Hansen, CEO of the Swiss Life Network, Swiss Life Global Solutions’ worldwide association of more than 80 leading local insurers and business partners. “In order to progress in the field of prevention, multinational organisations are increasingly looking for digital health and wellness propositions to empower their employees.” Swiss Life is supporting and advocating the improvement of overall corporate wellbeing through their partnerships with innovative and unique vendors, who provide innovative programs and tools for financial wellness, mental health, healthy diet and exercise, mindfulness, sleep and stress management, as well as changes to culture and leadership behaviors to support these efforts. As of today, Swiss Life have formed 10 global partnerships with health and wellbeing companies, dacadoo being one of them.

Answering demand from its network partners and multinational clients for these services, Swiss Life Network has further expanded its state-of-the-art health and wellbeing offering by partnering with dacadoo, a leading provider of Insurtech and Healthtech solutions for health and life insurers around the globe. Michael Hansen is convinced: “Solutions like the Health Score, developed by dacadoo, play a crucial role in raising awareness and engaging people to adopt healthier lifestyles.”

Committed to improving people’s health

For the enthusiastic long-distance runner, the topic of health is not only a job-related one, but also a topic that is very dear to his heart. Anyone who has heard Michael Hansen speak about the importance of health and wellbeing immediately realizes that his job allows him to live his purpose: “My personal goal in life is to empower as many people in this world as possible to live healthier lives. That’s why I’m so grateful to be where I am as a professional because there should not be an industry more committed to improving people’s health than the insurance industry. And together with our network partners, we are truly able to positively and directly impact people’s lives.”

dacadoo encourages its users to live healthier with a playful approach

dacadoo’s solution convinced Michael Hansen right from the start. The company, named a “Cool Vendor in Insurance” by independent market research firm Gartner in 2021, strengthens health and wellbeing through active engagement, gamification, social networking and artificial intelligence. “We started in 2010 with the goal of making the world a healthier place,” says Peter Ohnemus, founder and CEO of dacadoo. “Our comprehensive SaaS-based Digital Health Engagement Platform encourages its users with a playful approach to improve their overall health in order to enjoy a self-determined life, as well as identify and prevent lifestyle-related illnesses.”

Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland as a trustworthy platform

Swiss Life endorses dacadoo’s Digital Health Engagement Platform, including its Health Score and Risk Engine platforms. The success of their Health Score and the development of other digital products has increased the need for dacadoo to scale quickly to accommodate vast numbers of new users. By moving to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform with its local data centers in Switzerland, the company has been able to achieve this vision, while ensuring the security of its clients’ health data.

“dacadoo is entirely committed to privacy and security,” affirms Peter Ohnemus, “hence why we designed and operate our solution in line with industry standards, laws and regulations such as the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection, GDPR, and HIPAA. In addition, our Information Security and Privacy Management System is certified according to world-renowned ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 standards.”

The reliability of the solution and the security and data protection is of course also a non-negotiable requirement for Michael Hansen. “People will only use technology that they trust. That’s why we very much value the fact that dacadoo relies on the infrastructure of a trustworthy hyperscaler, which has both a well proven global infrastructure as well as the local platform to ensure control and transparency over sensitive customer data at all times.”

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