More visibility, credibility, and clarity: How Swiss Microsoft Partners view the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

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Back in March 2022 Microsoft has announced the launch of our brand-new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. Our Swiss partners have already successfully adapted and embraced the new program and its benefits.  

Why have we launched the new program now?

The transition from the Microsoft Partner Network (known as MPN) to the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program better reflects the enormous and ongoing transition of business operations to the cloud, and how Microsoft intends to support partners and customers in the future. It aligns our go-to-market motions with the way customers buy today and helps accelerate their digital transformation.  

What is different about the new program?

Microsoft is replacing the silver and gold competencies with the new Solutions Partner designations. These six designations are aligned to the Microsoft Cloud and play a key role in validating your skills and experience:   

Decorative element showing the six different solution areas.

First positive testimonials from Swiss partners

Through the Cloud Partner Program, our commitment is to provide partners with investments and global reach to differentiate your offering, scale your customer connections, and position for long-term profitability. “We are delighted to see that our Swiss partners are already realizing the benefits of the new program and are able to demonstrate their depth of expertise in the Microsoft Cloud,” says Andrew Reid, Partner Lead at Microsoft Switzerland. First Swiss partner references have been positive about the program and its potential to help them grow their businesses:

“As pure Microsoft players, we are really satisfied with this new strategy. The conditions for obtaining them are more selective than gold certifications but this clearly gives us much more visibility with Microsoft and brings real credit to our effort in this partnership.”
Maxime Gouffé, MDW Partners

“As one of the leading providers for Microsoft solutions and services covering all customer requirements, we have been embracing the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program and its extensive benefits across 5 solution partner designations already, from Azure, Dynamics 365 to Modern Workplace.”
Bertil Maire, ELCA

“Microsoft’s new “Microsoft Cloud Partner Program” has introduced substantial prerequisites to achieving the new solution designation areas. We are pleased that shortly after launch we were able to reach 5 out of 6 solution designation areas. With this proof of broad and in-depth skills related to Microsoft products and services, we will keep supporting our customers on their digital journey.”
Robert Wagner, Swisscom

Useful resources for partners and customers

If you are a Microsoft partner and currently in the middle of the transition or have not earned a solution designation yet, we have the right team and resources to support you along the way:  

If you are a customer and interested to identify service partners who have already reached a designation in one or more solution area, you can use the Microsoft Partner Finder and filter by location and partner capabilities or Solutions Partner designation. 

While the initial set of Solutions Partner designations is geared towards partners who sell services, we are working on creating additional industry designations for partners who build software as well. 

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